I don’t hate it, I just don’t like it at all and it’s terrible.

The Office - Local Ad
When corporate offers the Scranton office a chance to appear in a Dunder Mifflin commercial, Michael sees a prime chance to display his creativity. Meanwhile, Andy turns to Dwight for advice on his relationship with Angela, and Dwight attempts to assuage his heartbreak by immersing himself in an internet-based fantasy world.

Another underwhelming episode of The Office, “Local Ad” was a huge disappointment after last week’s phenomenal “Money.” Since I started this blog, I keep a fresh yellow legal pad on my couch at all times, and last night I found myself with very little to jot down. This is probably the single most uneventful episode I have seen to date, although—since I am one of maybe five people in the US who did not want Pam and Jim to get together until the very end (à la Tim & Dawn)—the little hints that a breakup could be on its way were heartening. Obviously there will be romantic strife between these two at some point. The notion that Jim wants to move to Philadelphia to be a sports writer, combined with Pam’s brushing him off while she’s working on her animation and Jim’s little display of jealousy at the bar, portend that issues are starting to arise.

The moments I did jot down:

“What’s rap?”
Phyllis as a less urban Aunt Jemima
Getting Sue Grafton would be a huge “coop”
Break me off a piece of that ... Snick-ers-bar

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Linzey said...

Making The Office an hour long is a huge mistake I think... it just can't sustain the funny.