Reaper steps up its game ... a bit

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Reaper - What About Blob
Sam must deal with a toxic blob when the soul of a chemical company's CEO starts killing those who stand in his way. Meanwhile, the Devil delivers Sam's contract... but it's about a zillion pages long, and in Latin.

Despite the fact that this is a terrible episode title, I am a big fan of this show (and of Sock, who I really did not like during the pilot). I have read a lot of complaints about Reaper being “the same” every week, and although I agree, it just doesn’t bother me. In a lot of ways, the show reminds me of Buffy–the fact that everyone is so blasé about Sam’s situation, the friends who are more than just sidekicks and can actually help fight, the utterly charming “bad guy.” Last night Reaper took a big step away from its previous formula by introducing the notion that Sam’s father has a deeper relationship with the Devil than we realized. It will be interesting to see where that goes… Obviously it was fun to see Chief Tyrol (Aaron Douglas) as a hellish delivery man, and I love that Ben (Rick Gonzalez) is always getting hurt. On the other hand, Andi is way too whiny and all I see when I look at Missy Peregyrm is Jackie Bradford. I suppose that is the curse of a TV addict. The only thing that continues to bother my nit-picky little self about this show is that SAM IS NOT ACTUALLY A REAPER!

Ok, I just looked up “reaper” on Wikipedia and the definition is “a harvester.” So fine.

I missed the first half of Bones last night, and I didn’t even care. It’s funny, I loved that show when I watched the first season on DVD. The past couple of weeks, I have been trying to concurrently enjoy second season on DVD and third season on TV, and I have to say the show has really gone downhill. One thing I really I loved about the first season was how awkward and weird and un-hip to the world Brennan was. Last night, when she said, “Whoever smelt it, dealt it” and Booth replied, “Why do you know that?”, I was thinking the exact same thing. And thus, the end of my relationship with Bones.

Unrelated note: man, do I hate those Visa commercials in which people who pay with cash (or check) screw up the natural order of the Visa world. Grrrr!

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