John Krasinski MySpace


I rest my case.
Do you judge people based on their MySpace pages?

75% - Duh, totally!
25% - Maybe a little.
0% - It's wrong to judge others.

Let's talk, dear readers. Let's talk about John Krasinski's MySpace page.

First off, I adore John Krasinski. That being said, his MySpace page nearly makes me cry. His song (which as of today has been deleted by the artist) was by the Goo Goo Dolls. His bio says that he received an "A.B. in Literatures" (plural?!?) His interests include "women (obviously)" and " I like Alternative music mostly."

Now I fully expect to get all sorts of hate mail for this, but I have to say I expected more. Perhaps I am being silly. Perhaps I had built the boy to superhuman status in my mind, and thus was so distressed by the spelling and capitalization errors on his MySpace page. No doubt this is made worse by the fact that I am a copy editor. Perhaps he does not handle his MySpace page, and it is managed by an intern or lowly NBC page. If he did set up his MySpace page, perhaps he was in a hurry. Some of my closest friends are poor spellers, and I don't think any less of them.

I have to say, though, my huge John Krasinski crush was severely stunted by his MySpace page. Which got me thinking about MySpace in general. At my job, we have used MySpace to vet potential employees, going so far as to make decisions about whether or not to hire them before they even walk in the door for an interview. I know this is totally unfair, but we do it anyway. I also know that I shouldn't judge people based on their MySpace pages, but I totally do. Do you? Vote in our poll!


Anonymous said...

The Krasinksi My space page is a fake. It was not set up by him or anyone associated with him. That is a fact so you can now relax and go back to adoring him :)

Anonymous said...

Thought I should elaborate on how I know the Krasinski page is a fake. As you most probably know some of the other Office actors do have My Space pages. They have been asked reguarly if John has one also. They have assured us all he does not. Jenna Fisher got asked so much she had to put a permenant announcement on her page about it. So be assured it's fake :)