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Gossip Girl - Victor/Victrola
The kids face a variety of parental issues – Nate worries his father has a drug problem and confronts him; Jenny uncovers a secret her parents have been keeping from her; and Chuck tries to impress his demanding dad by investing in a club. Elsewhere, Blair is disappointed in Nate once again, and Dan and Serena acknowledge their true feelings for one another. Photo © The CW.

Nate's dad is out of control! Nate confronts him about his coke problem and like any typical coke fiend he ends up in a huge downward spiral and punches his son in the face. There is some crazy shit going on with the Archibald crew. After punching Nate he gets arrested (cops happened to be just around the corner), and the cops find the coke in his pocket and also a pre-existing warrant for his arrest on embezzlement charges. I have now realized that Nate is also super hot. I guess he just needed a little family coke-and-embezzlement scandal to catch my eye.

Of course Blair finds out that Nate is still in love with Serena and that he confessed this somewhat obvious fact to Serena look-a-like Jenny at the masquerade ball. So what does Blair do about it? She makes out with Chuck in the back of a town car after doing a lackluster strip tease at a burlesque bar. Apparently, as she told Chuck, she's "got moves."

Chucks' dad and Lily are still hot and heavy and decide to start going steady. There is some drama when Chuck spots his dad with a lady "friend" and then confesses this to Lily. Lily gets pissed and decides to go hang out with Rufus at his gallery while he hangs a video installation. This works well for Rufus because he just found out that his wife is cheating on him. Rufus and Lily cuddle together underneath the video installation. How romantic!

Oh yeah, Serena and Dan probably had sex during this episode. Big whoop(ie).

This episode was pretty goofy. Chuck and Blair's illicit makeout session had the look of a bad Stone Temple Pilots video with all the crazy editing and splotchy film treatment. Plus, to add to the cheese factor, there were several strange fantasy scenes involving Dan and Serena. These were actually kind of funny, but in conjunction with the bizzaro town car scene the show was pushed over the top in a bad way. GG needs to figure out what kind of show it wants to be and it needs to do it fast. Hopefully while the writers are taking some time off they will figure out how to steer the show back in the right direction.

* Chace Crawford (Nate) & Carrie Underwood are smooching.

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