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Gossip Girl – Seventeen Candles

At her 17
th birthday party, Blair attempts to mask her strained relationship with Nate, and Dan invites Vanessa to the party so that she and Serena can bond. Meanwhile, Jenny brings her mom home for a visit, much to Rufus’ surprise, and Nate’s parents pressure him to make a sacrifice for the good of their family. Photo
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Last week's episode had lots of sex. Dan and Serena. Chuck and Blair. Rufus and Lily???

Let us discuss Chuck and Blair for a moment. Suddenly Chuck discovers "butterflies" in his stomach for Blair. He has finally met his match and found someone to love. Awww … how sweet. But, he is still a slimeball and Blair can't shake her love for Nate. Although, she gives it a darn good try when Chuck gives her a diamond necklace. I guess a little bling helps wash away the slime.

Dan is having trouble sorting out what it means to be friends with a girl and simultaneously have a girlfriend. After doing it with Serena he takes her out to a breakfast, and of course their waitress is Vanessa. Awkward! In order to help Serena and Vanessa bond, Dan chooses to bring her to Blair's birthday party that night, where the two ladies battle it out on Guitar Hero. There were also some gratuitous sushi making scenes at the party. Apparently rich people just eat a lot of sushi.

Jenny surprises her family by schlepping her mom Allison back from her new Hudson home. The most shocking thing about this scenario was this lady's crazy orange tan! Apparently there's tons of sun up on the Hudson. Rufus gets over his problems with Allison, and soon they are making out on the floor of their Williamsburg loft. This bummed me out because I'm totally rooting for Rufus and Lily love.

Nate finally stands up to his parents and doesn't give Blair the family jewels. Good for him! The total surprise of the episode, though, was the crazy chemistry between Nate and Jenny. Who would have thunk it? Although for now, the two are claiming to be just friends.

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