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Gossip Girl – Blair Waldorf Must Pie!

Dan invites Serena’s family to share Thanksgiving dinner with his family, unaware of the awkward situation this creates for Rufus and Lily. Elsewhere, Nate and his parents also share an uncomfortable holiday meal, and Blair gets upset when she finds out her father won’t be coming home for Thanksgiving. Photo © The CW.

Chuck was noticeably absent in Wednesday's episode. His storyline is increasingly becoming more interesting while Dan and Serena are becoming Boresville.

So instead let's talk about Blair. We now know she's a recovering bulimic and she misses her gay dad. Apparently he made really good pie. Speaking of pie, there was a weird Blair bulimia/pie eating montage. After yet another fight with Serena over the Blair/Chuck affair, Blair un-invites the van der Woodsen clan to the Waldorf thanksgiving fete. In a predicable twist of fate, Dan invites Serena to his house and her fam ends up at the Humphreys for some home-cooked grub. When Lily walks into the Humphrey home to see Allison back with Rufus, things go sour fast. Allison makes Rufus choose between the two ladies, and foolishly Rufus chose orange Allison. He looked super sad about it too.

No need to worry, Nate got his GG face time this ep too (although, mostly in goofy flashback sequences). His dad nearly overdoses and Nate saves his ass. Ahh Nate…what a guy!

In the next episode there needs to be more Chuck, more Jenny/Nate developments, and of course, Rufus needs to man up and choose Lily.

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