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Gossip Girl - Hi, Society
Serena’s grandmother has much to say about the upcoming debutante ball, insisting that her reluctant granddaughter attend – and find a more suitable escort than Dan. Meanwhile, Nate accompanies Blair to the ball as her friend, and Jenny hopes to go to the event, though her parents would rather she didn’t.
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Can't trust those blue bloods! Serena's "sick" grandmother, Ce Ce, pays the fam a visit and her dying wish is for Serena to come out at cotillion. She's tricked into getting all fancied up in a gold frock and Ce Ce even lines up a smarmy escort for her. No, not that kind of escort. Apparently back in the day Ce Ce tried to split up the burgeoning romance between Lily and Rufus by paying him off. Rufus couldn't be bought but unfortunately Lily could. Fast-forward twenty years and we have the same scenario again. Ce Ce tries to buy all of the work in Rufus's rinky dink gallery (ironically all Alison's artwork). Rufus tells her to shove it and tells Dan that Ce Ce is a creep and not to be trusted. Sweet Dan runs off to Serena to break the news about her lame-ass granny but she doesn't take it too well. Serena goes to Cotillion with Carter Baizen, who you may remember from the Nate gambling scandal earlier in the season. He is the mayor of creep city and Ce Ce loves him.

Blair kicks Chuck to the curb and takes Nate back. I liked the Chuck/Blair romance and the possibility of the Jenny/Nate romance so this plot line was a disappointment. But, Chuck is a slime ball and Nate is super hot so I suppose I can't blame Blair.

Jenny decides to blow of her mom's important art opening at pop's gallery to be a Cotillion volunteer. She even refuses to wear the uber-cute vintage shoes her mom finds for her. That was really sad. Alison is much more appealing when she stands up to Jenny and tells her to get her ass into gear. Of course, Alison's new appeal came at the wrong time because Rufus essentially confesses his feelings for Lily. FINALLY!! He saw his son stand up to Ce Ce and he wishes he had done the same. Is it too late?

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