Gay people can be shoplifters too, you know.

Once & Again – A Dream Deferred
In this ep, Judy wants Lily to build a coffee bar in the bookstore. Rick gets involved, and gets so excited about it that he ends up pressuring Lily to go through with it even though she knows they can’t afford it. Judy is fast becoming the only character I actually like on this show, so any eps that revolve around her are a step up in my book. Meanwhile, Lily learns that Jake is having money troubles when she gets a call informing her that their mortgage payment is late. So she whines about it to him. Blech.

Once & Again – The Ex-Files
The Sammler family goes on a trip together when Eli’s basketball team plays in some kind of finals game. There is a weird moment in the hotel when Rick sees Karen in her underwear and he kind of gazes longingly at her – while on the phone with Lily, mind you – but nothing ends up happening. Why tantalize me with this if nothing's going to happen?!? On the trip, Rick meets a new man in Karen’s life [who is the dad from 90210], named Lloyd Lloyd. Ouch. Meanwhile, Lily plans a relaxing weekend alone but can’t handle being by herself for a whole two days. Good lord. Jake has the kids for the weekend and they accidentally end up meeting Tiffany, a girl he’s been dating who is more into him than he is to her. Zoe likes her, but Grace is a raging bitch as usual.

Once & Again – The Past Is Prologue
Big surprise, Lily has a problem. Rick is distracted by work and Lily feels neglected. This ep features a lot of flashbacks to the early days of Lily and Jake’s marriage, when she also felt neglected and had terrible hair. Eli and Rick get into a fight in this ep, and Eli screams “What, are you going to beat me up?!?” Which is so totally out of nowhere and causes all this strife in the Sammler family. And Eli cries a lot, which is really bugging me. I think it’s really pathetic and weak. I know, I’m an asshole.

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