I don't think the world was constructed for 40-year-olds to date.

Once & Again – Let’s Spend The Night Together

As the ep opens, Lily and Rick make plans for “tonight” because their schedules are so hectic. When Rick picks the kids up for school, Karen tells him that she heard Eli say “I love you” to Jennifer, and asks him to talk to their son about condoms. At school, Grace tells her best friend that she caught her mom & Rick nearly having sex on the living room couch.

Rick talks to Eli about sex and tells him it always means more to girls, no matter what they say [WTF? Seriously.] However, when Rick gets home Eli appears half-naked. He says Jennifer is upstairs, embarrassed. Rick isn’t upset about the fact that his son wants to have sex, he’s upset about the sneaking around. Eli says, “So where should we do it if you say it’s ok with you?” Nice play, Eli! This gets no response.

Lily and Rick go to lunch and agree to have sex that night, but later Lily panics and cancels the date. He shows up anyway, and convinces her to go to his place. Next comes a horribly awkward sex scene that ends with Rick unable to maintain an erection and Lily in tears.

Yikes. This ep was iffy, though it’s early yet so I’ll try not to judge the whole show. I was particularly amused by Lily’s freakout before she cancels the date, as I have a friend who is recently out of a seven-year relationship and is worried about dating again because she thinks that everyone has herpes nowadays. So, that was kinda funny.

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