I see it from your side, and I also see it from her side, and from my own side.

My So-Called Life – Father Figures
Daughters struggle with their flawed fathers: Angela suspects her father is having an affair and Patty's father is in trouble with the IRS. This ep is kind of boring, but features the denouement of the "my dad's having an almost-affair" storyline. And, we find out in passing that Rickie's father [really his uncle] is physically abusive. And, Winnie Holzman makes her first appearance as guidance counselor Mrs. Kryzanowski.

Rayanne is over at Angela's, and Graham teaches her to make fritters. They start talking about the Grateful Dead, and discover they are both fans. Rayanne is delighted, since she doesn't have a dad. Meanwhile, Patty is a bitch, continually referring to Angela’s friends as "that Rayanne person" and "that Rickie person." Graham gives Angela and Rayanne Grateful Dead tickets, and Rayanne is ecstatic. But Angela is pulling away from Graham, and he is concerned. Naturally, Patty is irate that Graham has suggested Angela go to a Dead concert, so he promises to get the tickets back.

Looking for an excuse to talk to Jordan, Angela casually mentions that she has Dead tickets, and Jordan offers to help her scalp them. So she does, without thinking about Rayanne at all. And Rayanne is super pissed.

When Graham tries to get the tickets back, Angela is so angry with him that lies about scalping them and runs out of the house, letting her parents believe that she has gone to the concert. And she hides in Brian's car, and ends up confiding in him. And they have this priceless interaction, which I totally remember!

B: Did you ever think that I could actually be doing something that does not involve you? That I may not just be sitting around in case you decide like that moment, that you need my car?
A: So what were you doing?
B: Nothing!

Finally, Rayanne and Angela make up, as do Angela and her father. No reason is ever given for Graham's near-dalliance – no long talks, no hashing out of problems, none ‘o that. It is never mentioned again, which is rather refreshing.

In other plot news, Patty's father appears when the business gets audited. He is overly judgmental and particularly hard on her, so we see why she is the way she is. And he was using the company car for personal use, so they have to pay all these back taxes.

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