ANTM Cycle 10: Homeless Edition

America's Next Top Model – NYC, Here We Come
The 14 models move into a NYC apartment and visit a modeling agency, where they are critiqued by Paulina Porizkova. Later, they pose as homeless individuals for a photo shoot.

The girls move into their NYC loft, where there is one room of bunk beds and one giant bed that apparently some will have to share. Marvita (who was homeless) and Fatima (the girl from Somalia who suffered through genital mutilation) are bitches at first, but along the way they decide to be friends.

Immediately I like Amis, Claire, Lauren, and Dominique. The girls do a Badgley Mischka runway show in Times Square -- already it’s clear that being in NY is going to make this a very different ANTM. In my opinion Dominique does the best, though Whitney (this season’s token plus-sized model) is also good.

On their first task the girls go to Elite and meet Paulina Porizkova, who tells them their faults. This brief scene was shown in its entirety during the commercials, so nothing too exciting here, although it's still funny when Paulina tells Dominique she looks like a transvestite.

Anya talks weird, like she’s deaf. There is way too much screaming and clapping. The “Tyra mail” comes electronically and they all read it out loud together. Ick.

For the first shoot, ANTM wants to “spotlight a major issue in America” so the girls team up with a foundation for homeless girls. The contestants are dressed as very fashionable homeless individuals while the real homeless girls pose in the background dressed in couture. Unless they’re about to “discover” a homeless girl who will join the show, this seems unnecessary and a bit weird. Amis is worst, way too bouncy and unfocused. Assuming that the first girl chosen in the judging room is still the “winner,” Anya takes the best photo.

Claire is voted Cover Girl’s “model of the week” by viewers. In terms of personality she reminds me a lot of Danielle, and unless she does something drastic I predict that she will go far, and continue to be a fan favorite. She’s a sweet, outgoing, somewhat unusual-looking activist and so far, she takes great pictures. I mean, duh.

In the judging room, Tyra announces that Paulina Porizkova will take Twiggy’s place as a judge. So far she’s great– opinionated, funny, and honest. And she’s amazing-looking. Through the entire episode, Kim has talked about how she doesn’t believe in high fashion because “no one should spend $500 on a piece of clothing.” Unbelievably she says this to the judges, and they are horrified. Tyra asks if she wants to leave, and she says yes. As far as I know that’s a first…

Regardless of this, the judges go on with their elimination. It comes down to Amis and Atalya. Amis has an “interesting face” and Atalya looks like “a pretty Barbie.” So guess who gets cut?

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