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Once & Again – Mystery Dance
First a decent ep, then an enjoyable one, and now a Judy-centric one?!? Suddenly I like this show. The ep begins with Judy complaining about how she attracts weirdos. She and Lily go to an art opening and Judy meets Rick’s sculptor friend Sam (Steven Weber!) who is kind of weird but also charming.

Judy and Sam totally hit it off, and end up kissing a whole bunch after a somewhat awkward, protracted, and very non-physical courting. And then – and you see this coming a mile away, really – it turns out that Sam is “very married.” Judy is irate and heartbroken, and cuts off all ties with Sam. But he turns up on her doorstep and convinces her that he and his wife don’t love each other anymore. Judy is so drawn to him that, in the end, she ignores her best judgment and sleeps with him.

Meanwhile, Lily wants to talk to Rick about what happened with Jake in the hopes that it will help them move on. Rick is reticent on the subject and, big surprise, they fight about it. How can two people who fight so much actually enjoy being in a relationship?

Once & Again – Daddy’s Girl
And just like that … O&A turns on me. I’m pretty sure I just hate Lily, so Lily-centric eps are bad news. In this ep Lily’s dad comes to town for the opening of Jake’s restaurant. Lily and Jake continue to fight about money. Lily’s friend convinces her to hire a lawyer, and she gets a good one, so Jake freaks out. But the opening is a success. One cute moment: Rick gives Lily a cricket for Valentine’s Day and she screams her head off.

Grace likes a new boy, Jared, and he likes her back. Jared and Grace are cute and awkward but when they finally kiss, O&A ruins it with this tripe: “I think you are amazing. The way a lake is amazing. Or snow.”

Think it can’t get worse? You’d be wrong. “I think they should invent a new word that describes the moment before you kiss someone. I think it’s like when a bird decides that it can fly.”

Yeah. I just threw up a little. At the end, in a shocking twist, Lily finally stops being a fucking princess and realizes she can’t depend on [or, according to me, expect] Jake to take care of her financially for the rest of her life, so she looks through the classifieds and creates a resume. About time!

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