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My So-Called Life – On the Wagon
While Rayanne struggles to stay sober, Angela spends all her time with Jordan. Searching for something to fill the void, Rayanne tries out for lead singer of Jordan’s band.

Rayanne has been clean for 33 days, and since she is only required to see the guidance counselor for a month, she stops going. Jordan and Angela have broken up, but are spending more time together than ever. Even though Rayanne plays it tough, she feels neglected. As the distance between the two girls grows, Rayanne decides to try out for lead singer of Jordan’s band so she can spend more time with her friend. Since she can’t turn to Angela, she goes to Sharon for advice.

Rayanne’s mom still drinks around her, making the poor girl’s sobriety even more difficult. Patty wonders if she should speak to Amber, but Graham tells her that it’s inappropriate to infer that another parent has done a bad job raising their children. Patty, unable to control herself, calls to casually ask Amber to ask if Rayanne is drinking again, and Amber tells her to butt out. As it turns out, Rayanne sings decently, but at their first gig she is so nervous that she runs off stage, crying about how everyone has been expecting her to fail. Rickie absolutely freaks out, thinking that he’ll find Rayanne in a gutter somewhere. He calls Angela for help, and Patty intervenes. She goes to Rayanne’s and accuses Amber of being a bad parent who doesn’t know anything about her own child, only to have Rayanne trudge sleepily from the bedroom and Amber haughtily explain that they spent the evening eating cookie dough.

Rickie is furious that Rayanne has caused so much worry, but in the end everyone makes up. Rayanne, Rickie, and Angela go to see a movie. In line, Rayanne begins to sing a sultry, soulful version of the Sesame Street theme song, cheered on by the crowd. The guy in line behind them in line is holding a beer, and as he dances with Rayanne, she automatically takes a swig of his drink without thinking. And that’s the end. This is a great example of the realism of MSCL. Rayanne doesn’t have one bad experience and suddenly stop being an alcoholic. Instead, she faces a long road of temptation and missteps but still remains committed to facing her demons.

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