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My So-Called Life – Pressure
Angela, pressured by Jordan to have sex, turns to Sharon for guidance. Meanwhile, Graham is pressured to open a restaurant by an attractive student in his cooking class.

This episode opens super cute, with Jordan teaching Angela how to drive and then attacking her with kisses after she backs into a wall. He says he wants her to have sex with him and she giggles, but he’s dead serious and he’s kind of a dick when she puts him off. Jordan shows up at Angela’s house in the middle of the night to tell her that he knows about a “party house” where they can have sex. Her mother comes downstairs to talk to Angela, not realizing Jordan is hiding in the kitchen, and says that they want to meet him. Angela is horrified.

As much as I am all about Brian Krakow this time around, the physical chemistry between Claire Danes and Jared Leto is undeniable. I have to keep forcing myself to forget that he was 22 and she was 14. Uck.

Angela talks to Sharon, assuming that the reason Sharon & Kyle broke up was because she didn’t want to have sex. However, she is shocked to discover that they did it “like, constantly.” She then speaks to her doctor, obviously hoping to be dissuaded, but instead the doctor just tells her to use a condom and a sponge.

Hallie wants to open a restaurant and she wants Graham to cook for it, so he invites she and her fiancé to dinner. Jordan arrives to pick up Angela, and Graham finally gets to meet him. Angela tries to back out of the date, but Graham tells her to go ahead and have fun. Jordan and Angela go to the party house but there are no empty rooms, so they sit awkwardly on either side of the fireplace. Angela finally can’t take it anymore so when she sees Rayanne at the house, she lies and says she has to go, leaving Jordan alone in the house.

Patty comes home, disappointed that she didn’t get to meet Jordan, but Hallie sums him up: “Fairly out of it, not unintelligent, sort of a stray puppy. You know, the type you’re always trying to ease their pain. He may even be a halfway decent person but let me tell you, TROUBLE … way too gorgeous.”

After talking to Rayanne, Sharon realizes that Angela is afraid to have sex to she shows Angela a sex tape, which is way more adorable than it sounds. She also tells Angela to talk to Jordan. Angela sees Brian riding his bike, and starts to ask if she can borrow it but then says, “I’m always doing this! I’m always asking you for something that it’s totally unfair for me to ask you for. And just because you’re polite about it doesn’t mean it’s right. It’s not, it’s wrong, it’s totally selfish of me and I’ll never do it again.” So naturally, Brian gets off his bike. And naturally, she takes it.

Angela goes to see Jordan, who is pissed off that she lied to him. She tries to explain that she wants to have sex but she’s scared, and Jordan tells her that she doesn’t get it – it’s what you’re supposed to do unless you’re abnormal. He obviously feels bad as soon as he says it, but a shocked and hurt Angela walks home. At school the next day she thinks she should have just had sex, but Rickie convinces her that sex should be meaningful.

At home, Graham is napping on the couch but is awakened when Brian arrives to get his bike. When he discovers it's at Jordan’s he starts yelling, and when Angela doesn’t respond he says, “Well, don’t just take it. Yell back at me.” Angela admits that she’s sad because boys “only care about getting you into bed” and Brian says, “Not all boys.” Then they have a really cute, honest conversation about sex. Goddamn it why can’t she see Brian for what he truly is?!!? But maybe she does ... Angela always, always turns to Brian when she needs someone to talk to. There is clearly a deeper connection between these two, but she is blinded by her attraction to Jordan.

Jordan arrives at the Chase house with the bike. Angela tells him she’s not ready to have sex, and he says he won’t hold it against her. Of 19 hours of heartbreak and awkwardness, Jordan and Angela date for less than one full episode. They go through a tearful, heart-wrenching breakup, ending with:

“I guess this is it, so … goodbye.”
“Bye. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Ahhhh, high school.

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