No use having rules, if there is no punishment for breaking them.

Lost – Eggtown
Kate’s need to get information from the hostage could jeopardize her standing with both Locke and Sawyer.

We start out with Locke making breakfast for Ben. He uses the last two eggs. I still haven’t seen a chicken on the island but that’s ok. Locke takes the breakfast down to the purple and yellow version of Ben. I’m sort of wondering how much more punishment Ben can take. The guy just won’t shut up and he has to antagonize someone whenever he decides to open his mouth. Mental note: if I ever turn out like Ben, remember not to antagonize two ripped guys like Jack and Sawyer because even if I wasn’t tied up it wouldn’t be a fair fight. At this point Ben is lucky he isn’t missing teeth. Anyway, Ben antagonizes Locke and tells him he’s more lost than he ever was. If Locke would pistol whip Ben we might have something good going on but Locke just shuts the door and throws Ben’s food around. Ben gets that creepy look on his face because he knows he’s getting to Locke.

Flash Forward: Kate’s going to court. Well that screws my theory about her not being a member of the Oceanic 6. I also take back what I said about Kate looking better dirty earlier this season. Yeah, I’m wrong, because wow. Kate pleads not guilty for about 23 different charges but most glaringly murder in the first. If you remember that’s because she blew her father up for beating her mom. Remember that before you ever touch a woman boys. They won’t let Kate go on bail and she is remanded into custody.

We’re back on the island. Sun and Jin get a quick little segment. I think this is the most they’ve said all season and it basically consists of Jin wanting to go to America and Sun wanting to raise their baby in Korea. I suppose she misses the life of her husband being a thug enforcer for her Korean mobster dad. Jack walks out of the trees and introduces Daniel and Charlotte to the group. Blah blah blah, Kate has decided to stay with Locke. Obviously she has a reason and that’s because she wants to talk to Miles. Locke won’t tell her where he is so she finds Hurley bringing food to Miles and tricks himinto telling her where Miles is locked up. Kate wants to know if Miles knows who she is (a wanted murderer). Miles won’t answer but promises to tell her anything she wants to know if she gets him one minute with “Him.” I’m just going out on a limb here and saying he means Ben.

Flash Forward: Kate’s in jail and her lawyer wants her to take a deal. The lawyer wants to turn the case into a trial about her character rather than a trial about whether she blew her father up or not. The lawyer wants to bring in Kate’s son to prove her character, but she won’t allow it. Ummm…Earth to Brent. When Sawyer and Kate got it on did they make a mini-them? Back on the island Sun wants to know where Sayid is and why Kate stayed with Locke. Now we’re with Kate and Claire. Claire wants Kate to pick up Aaron because he’s crying but Kate doesn’t know how to hold a baby. Ok .wait a minute. Duh! Could they have made that more obvious? Here’s my prediction for the night: Kate’s "son" is Aaron.

Flash Forward: Kate’s on trial and her lawyer calls Jack to the stand to testify on her behalf. Kate doesn’t look too happy about it and the lawyer apologizes to her because he had to do it. The DA doesn’t want Jack to testify, but the judge allows it. Kate’s lawyer questions Jack about how he met Kate and Jack says flight 815 crashed in the water. Only eight people survived the crash, and Kate nursed them all back to health. Wow that’s a bombshell right there. So only six made it back to civilization out of eight living people according to liar Jack. Kate looks really uncomfortable and stands up and tells Jack to stop. The DA cross-examines Jack and ask if he loves the defendant. Jack stares at Kate and says, “Not anymore.”

Back on the island Kate uses Sawyer to help her break into Locke’s house so she can let Miles have his minute with Ben. Sawyer shows up on Locke’s doorstep wanting to play backgammon, and Locke accepts. Locke wants to know if Sawyer thinks Locke knows what he’s doing as far as leading everyone. Sawyer tells Locke that Kate wants to break Ben out and he and Locke go running down to find out why Miles wants a minute alone with Ben. Meanwhile Kate has already broke Miles out and is breaking into Ben’s cell. Once Miles is in contact with Ben he says, “I won’t tell ‘him’ where you are if you get me 3.2 million dollars.” OK, who is “him” and why does Miles want 3.2 million and not 4 million dollars? I’ll bet “him” is Abbadon the lawyer, who was after Hurley in the first episode. I have no idea why Miles wants to extort only 3.2 million though.

Miles knows Ben has or can get the money so obviously Ben has connections off the island. Kate pulls Miles out of the room and asks what Miles knows about her. Miles knows everything. He knows all the nasty little details about everyone on Oceanic Flight 815. Later, Locke comes to Kate and Claire’s house and wants to know what Miles and Ben spoke to each other about. Kate tells him and then Locke tells her to be gone by morning. Serves Kate right!

Flash Forward: Kate’s mom comes to her in court. She is the prosecution’s star witness because Kate confessed to her mom. Kate’s mom is really sick, and says she has lived four years after the doctors gave her six months to live and that she doesn’t want to fight with her daughter anymore. She agrees not to testify if Kate lets her see her grandson. Kate says no. The girl really seems to have a lot of animosity towards her mom. I guess it makes sense since her mom kept trying to turn her in after she wacked her dad.

On the island Kate shows up at Sawyer’s door. She tells him that Locke wants her to go. I can tell they’re about to have some sexy time and guess what…they do. Back on the beach with Jack’s crew, Daniel and Charlotte are playing some weird card game where Daniel tells Charlotte which cards are on the table while they’re flipped upside down. He gets two out of three, and why does she say "This is progress"? Jack has been trying to call the boat all episode and can’t get an answer. Charlotte tells him there is another channel for emergencies only. She calls it for Jack and Regina answers. Jack wants to know what happened to Sayid and Desmond. If you recall they got on the helicopter with Frank, the Keanu-Nolte hybrid, and flew off to the boat the day before. Regina says nobody ever made it to the boat.

Locke walks into the boathouse where Miles is locked up and he looks pissed. He sticks a grenade in Miles' mouth and pulls the pin. “Enjoy your breakfast,” says Locke. Boo yeah! John Locke is officially a badass. If Miles lets that thing go he gets splattered on the walls of that boat house. That might have saved an otherwise mild episode for me! Apparently Kate and Sawyer didn’t do the nasty the night before because Sawyer is a bit randy in the morning. Sawyer asks Kate if she still thinks she’s prego and she says no. Sawyer is real happy because he, like most men, doesn’t think having a child together would have been a party. Kate looks upset and says she’s going to the beach so Sawyer lets her have it. He basically says she’ll go to the beach until she gets mad at Jack, then come running back to him. That gets him slapped but he’s dead on.

Flash Forward: Kate’s mom won’t testify so Kate gets a plea bargain. She agrees to serve ten years probation and never leave the state. If I knew it was that easy to get out of approximately 47 charges I would do the same thing. When she walks out to get into a cab Jack is waiting for her. He tells her he didn’t mean his testimony. I assume he’s talking about the not loving her part. Kate wants Jack to follow her for a visit. He won’t do it and Kate says that there will be no relationship between the two of them until he wants to see the baby. Kate goes to her giant nice house where she has a nanny. I guess she got a nice settlement from Oceanic. She heads upstairs to see her baby and its name is Aaron! I was right, I was right!

• The obvious questions that arise out are who are the 8 that originally survived the crash and why are they all sticking with this phony story? Did Claire die or did she just make Kate take Aaron off the island while she stayed behind?
• Why does Jack not want to see Aaron? Did he find out that he’s technically Aaron’s uncle since Christian is Claire’s dad, or did he have something to do with Claire either not being able to get off the island or dying? I suppose if she died she couldn’t get off the island but hopefully you get my point.
• I think Claire is dead. Aaron didn’t seem to know Kate wasn’t his “mommy.”
• I think, since Jack’s testimony said Kate was the hero of the crash, Locke isn't one of the Oceanic 6.
• If Kate’s son Aaron is really Claire’s son Aaron I think you would have to assume that he’s one of the Oceanic 6. So then we only need to know one more.
• The part when Sun told Jin she wanted to raise HER baby in Korea and Jin said “you mean OUR baby.” I’m just thinking here. Sun conceived on the island, this we know. We also know Jin was sterile. Perhaps the island could have cured him but remember before how Sun and Michael had a weird moment once when they almost kissed in one of those mobisodes? I wonder…
• When Locke shoved that grenade in Miles’ mouth and told him, "No use having rules, if there is no punishment for breaking them." That was freaking awesome!
• I wonder why the lawyer was so emphatic that Kate couldn’t leave the state?

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