ANTM Cycle 10: Lame Photo Shoot Edition

America’s Next Top Model – House of Pain
Tyra teaches the models how to express themselves at the end of a runway; the winner of a pose challenge is selected to work with photographer and judge Nigel Barker; and three of the girls get upset when one girl’s alarm clock keeps going off during the night.

Dominique sets her alarm for 6 am every day even though she doesn’t plan on getting up that early. Claire, Stacy-Ann, and the other girls in the room are irritated. Dominique claims she doesn’t understand how to use the alarm, and is a total brat about it. There is a lot of screaming and Dominique cries because everyone gangs up on her. Good lord, this bitch needs to be taken down a peg or two. Or twenty.

Tyra takes time out for a special lesson because all the judges have complained about the girls’ runway walks. During the lesson she dramatically collapses, pretending to sprain her ankle in order to teach them how to “pose with pain.” Tyra is so freaking weird, I love it. The models have another pose-off. Tyra thinks Whitney, Anya, and Dominique are good. Lauren does really badly. Aimee and Claire don’t do very well either. It turns out that this was their challenge, and Anya wins a one-on-one photo shoot with Nigel. A nude photo shoot. Nice one.

I had drinks with a friend last week who told me Anya’s accent, which I described in an earlier post as “deaf,” is actually what a Hawaiian accent sounds like. Oops. But really, she is going to have to work on that because the judges have already started to complain about it. In a side interview, Aimee talks about how she wouldn’t want to be pose naked because she’s Mormon and her body is a temple. She’s in for some trouble.

Dominique doesn’t feel well, so she gets into bed to rest. Claire, Lauren, and Whitney enter the room, sit on the couch, and loudly trash Dominique. When she asks them to leave the room, Claire basically tells her to fuck off. In tears, Dominique says, “You’re a really big person,” and Claire responds, “I never claimed to be a big person.” These girls are going to start throwing punches pretty soon.

For the photo shoot, each girl has to embody a style of music. It’s not one of the better shoots. Jay is not into Stacy-Ann, Claire, Aimee, or Anya. Dominique and Whitney both do well.

Cover Girl of the Week is Claire. Again! I wonder if her bitchiness will affect next week’s vote. In the judging room, the judges praise Whitney, Fatima, Lauren, and Katarzyna. They are not so happy with Anya, Aimee, Stacy-Ann, or Dominique. Tyra says this was Claire’s worst shoot.

It’s interesting how the girls who are praised during the shoot are often shot down in the judging room. Jay said this was one of Dominique’s best shoots, yet the judges didn’t like the final product. Gotta keep those models on their toes!

In the end Whitney wins, which makes no sense to me. So far all of Whitney’s photos involve the same facial expression. Katarzyna comes in second, but she should have won. I am growing to love Katarzyna. Tyra and the judges adore the wig she wore for the shoot, so they decide to chop off the rest of her hair. Perhaps now they will stop comparing her to a porn star.

Claire and Aimee are in the bottom two. Claire is “too comical and blasé,” while Aimee, who had the easiest genre (R&B), “fell flat.” Aimee is voted out, and Claire screams “YES!” While I respect the sentiment, it seems really mean to be so overtly thrilled while another girl dissolves in tears next to her. She doesn’t even hug Aimee before she bounces off to stand with the other girls, and that’s just poor ANTM etiquette.

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