ANTM Cycle 10: Underwear Edition

America’s Next Top Model – Top Model Makeovers
The ladies receive makeovers and model lingerie by Elle Macpherson, who makes an appearance at the photo shoot. Fatima and Allison cause friction in the house.

Allison is sick of all the screaming and clapping. I agree with her, except it turns out she is really stuck up. Fatima, who is apparently an accidental bitch (“I didn’t mean to!”) says that Allison is bigger than her. Allison. Who struggles with anorexia. Fatima is making enemies right and left.

For their challenge, the girls are taken to Wal-Mart where we hear all about how fabulous Wal-Mart and Cover Girl are, and how they have a new partnership. The girls have five minutes to pick out and put on their makeup. Claire wins.

Allison says Fatima “likes to take it in the back because she’s black.” This girl is going to die if she doesn’t get cut.

This is the makeover episode, and surprisingly nobody freaks out. It must be that ANTM has been on the air long enough, so they know what to expect. The marked improvements come in Marvita, Lauren, Katarzyna, Dominique, Amis, and Fatima. There is little complaining, except from Fatima, who cries the whole time. However, I forgive her because that weave looked awfully painful.

The photo shoot is for Elle MacPherson’s lingerie line, and the supermodel herself is there to give the girls advice. Most of them do really well, though Lauren is too awkward, Allison is too posed, Amis cannot take direction, and Dominique is too commercial. This is the girl who was told she looks like a transvestite in the last episode. Apparently she can’t win.

Almost all of the talking head interviews are with Allison, and she’s a cocky bitch, so it’s pretty clear she’s the one going home. Ironically, she has more modeling experience than the rest of them. Claire is voted model of the week by fans again.

In the judging room, the judges are harsh on all the girls, though the worst is when Paulina Porizkova tells Katarzyna she looks like “Russian Mail Order Bride #1.” In private, the judges bash Anya’s accent. If this girl is still around for the episode where they shoot a commercial – that is, have to talk in a commercial – she’s in trouble.

Considering how mean Jay was about Lauren’s shoot, it is a shocking when the judges decide she has taken the best photo. It comes down to Dominique and Allison and, thank goodness, Allison gets the chop.

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