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My So-Called Life – Weekend
Angela and Danielle are left home alone when Patty and Graham try to reconnect during a weekend trip. Rayanne handcuffs herself to Angela’s parents’ bed in a moment of recklessness. The second ep not voice-overed by Angela, this one is told from Danielle’s POV.

Danielle is perhaps the most ignored character on this show, even by the other characters, so an episode from her POV is kind of interesting but is really just filler. Graham and Patty go away for a romantic weekend with Graham’s brother Neil and his girlfriend. Camille gives Patty handcuffs to spice up the trip. Embarrassed, Patty hides them, though in her rush she accidentally packs the key. Graham abandons Patty for an entire day while he and Neil attempt to scrounge up some alcohol, so she gets wasted at dinner and they get kicked out of the hotel.

Meanwhile, Rayanne arrives at the Chase home to get something from Rickie. Predictably, she finds the handcuffs and chains herself to the bed. The kids try a variety of options to get her loose, finally calling Brian for help before taking the bed apart. In the course of all this, you hope that perhaps Angela and Rayanne will make up, or at least begin to repair their friendship, but this does not happen.

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