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Lost – The Other Woman
Juliet receives an unwelcome visitor from her past and is told to track down Charlotte and Farady to stop them from completing their mission. Ben offers Locke a deal he finds enticing.

Good afternoon fellow Losties. I am currently located in Seattle and have just sequestered myself at my favorite little Seattle coffee shop to watch Lost and leech their bandwidth thereby pissing off everyone else whose internet just got a lot slower. Mwahaha.

Flashback: So Juliet is on the island and she has to talk to a therapist named Harper. They don’t talk long because they’re interrupted when Tom pops in to tell Juliet that Ben wants to see her. Juliet and Harper certainly don’t seem like they like each other very much right from the start. Tom leads Juliet over to a house where Ben is waiting with flowers. It turns out the house is a gift from Ben to Juliet for her help on the island. She doesn’t understand because she is only going to be on the island for six months. Poor Juliet! She has no idea Ben isn’t letting her go anywhere anytime soon. I’ve always wondered how many of the Others were brought there under false pretenses and then forced to stay.

Back on the beach we’re with Jack’s crew. Juliet is trying to put up a lean-to pole and Sun comes over to help her. Why aren’t Sun and Jin in this season at all? We’re six episodes in and all I get out of Sun and Jin are grunts. Jack comes over and wants to know where Daniel and Charlotte are. Nobody knows but Jin says that they went into the jungle. Jack wants to know why Jin didn’t say anything and in broken English Jin says, “You told us they were friends.” Oh Jack, maybe you shouldn’t be so trusting. They all strike out to find the two and of course it’s raining. They separate to search and Juliet finds herself all alone and the island starts whispering to her. I bet if we played those whispers backwards to forwards they would be saying “Paul is dead.”

Poof! Harper is behind Juliet. She tells Juliet she has to stop Daniel and Charlotte because they’re going to the tempest to release gas that is going to kill everyone on the island. She knows this because Ben told her to tell Juliet to stop them. She also says that Ben is exactly where he wants to be. I knew Ben was having a lot of fun torturing Locke’s brain with tiny tidbits about the island. Jack shows up, the island starts whispering, and Poof! Harper is gone. Juliet and Jack start heading for the tempest, whatever that may be.

Flashback: Juliet is at a medical facility and just lost a patient. She just got to the island and I suppose this is the first pregnant woman who has died on her watch. She hears something in the other room and goes to see what it is. There is a guy in the other room looking for gauze for a burn on his arm. Juliet talks a whole bunch of shit about Harper to this guy and it turns out he is her husband. His name is Goodwin and I can totally tell these two are gonna get it on. Juliet gets it on with everyone.

We’re back to real time and Jack wants some answers. Juliet doesn’t really tell him anything and Jack drops it. This is starting to piss me off. If a bunch of people dropped in on the island with gas masks and then wouldn’t tell me why they had them I’d turn Sayid loose on them until they started telling me why they had gas masks. Jack really sucks sometimes. Kate stumbles on Daniel and Charlotte. She gets knocked out for asking questions.

Flashback: Juliet is explaining to Ben why pregnant women on the island die. During the second trimester the immune system turns on the fetus. Ben starts looking through the microscope and to see something and puts his hand next to Juliet
s. She pulled her hand away pretty quick and looks like she just realized Ben did that on purpose. Goodwin busts in to offer Juliet a sandwich and Ben doesn’t look amused. In a minute Harper is going to tell Juliet that she knows Juliet is sleeping with Goodwin and that Ben is going to hurt Goodwin if she continues getting it on with her husband. But right when Ben made that face I knew he had a crush on Juliet and was going to kill Goodwin at some point. Harper also says that Juliet “looks just like her.” I don’t know who “her” is.

Locke is gutting something. He knows how to do everything. Claire comes over and says she wants to talk to Miles. Locke doesn’t want to let that happen but Claire makes a pretty good case that she might get more answers out of him than Locke. I think she’s right. Locke takes Ben dinner and Ben offers Locke a deal. If Locke lets him live in a house he won’t leave or run away and he’ll tell Locke who is behind everyone on the boat.

Flashback: We go to that scene where the plane is breaking apart and Ben is looking up at the sky and sending people off to go find out who the survivors are. He sends Goodwin off to the tail section. This is totally some way to get Goodwin away from Juliet. This episode is really easy to guess things about.

In real time Jack and Juliet find Kate in the bushes. Juliet says she’ll go get some water. Kate tells Juliet that she ran into Daniel and Charlotte and they had gas masks. Jack gets that crazy look in his eye and then starts calling for Juliet. She’s gone out on her own to find Daniel and Charlotte.

Locke takes Ben upstairs and tells him the combination to a safe hidden behind a painting. Inside there is a tape marked Red Sox. Ben says he “taped over the game.” Ben is so sly sometimes. There has to be some sort of thing with the Red Sox going on. Remember when Ben keeps saying to Keanu Nolte (Frank) that he can’t believe the Red Sox won the World Series? Anyway the tape contains a video of Charles Widmore and a goon killing one of Ben’s men who unfortunately was discovered. Apparently Charles is the man behind who hired the people on the freighter. Ben makes a really good point involving mold in the shape of the Virgin Mary. Ben says to Locke, “If 5,000 people come to see mold how many people will come to see you?” Then Locke gives Ben the Widmore file and tells him that Widmore is going to exploit the island. Locke asks Ben who his man on the boat is and Locke says, “You’d better sit down for this.” It is totally Michael. I know it … I’m 90% sure at this point.

Ok the rest of the episode is pretty boring and all but this is what happens in a nutshell. Ben makes Juliet dinner and he is really creepy. Juliet almost stops Daniel and Charlotte from the releasing the gas but she fails. It turns out they were really trying to make the gas inert so Ben couldn’t use the gas himself. That was a little unexpected. Goodwin is killed and instead of just telling Juliet, Ben takes her out to show her his impaled corpse. Mmmmmmmm. Ben screams at her, "How could you possibly not understand that you're mine?” Juliet and Jack finally kiss. Ben comes hopping out of Locke’s cabin with sheets or something and heads into another cabin. Hurley and Sawyer can’t figure out why but Ben shouts out, “See you guys at dinner.” Ha!

• Why was Ben concerned about whether the rabbit Locke served him had a number on it?
• I wonder who Juliet reminds Ben of. It has to be his mom or Annie right?
• Ben is funny in a really creepy way. I think his crush on Juliet is a little pathetic. He just looked like a pissed off kid who didn’t get his way when he yelled at Juliet that she was his. Ben is smart and all but he’s totally like a teenager in so many ways.
• I don’t know how Ben’s man on the boat could be anyone but Michael. Why would Michael work for Ben unless Ben had something Michael wanted? I wonder if Ben snagged Walt again.
• Penny couldn’t know her dad hired the freighter right? I suspect she doesn’t know a lot of things her father does. Trying to buy off Desmond comes to mind.
• They talk about “the list” a bit and I really wonder what the list exists for and what qualifies you to be on “the list.” If you remember “the list” is what the Others use to pick people from the survivors to join them.
• Widmore owns a pharmaceutical company. The island seems to have some sort of healing powers. Does Widmore really want to exploit the island like Ben says? That seems too easy.

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