ANTM Cycle 10: Drowning Edition

America’s Next Top Model – If You Can’t Make It Here, You Can’t Make It Anywhere
The ladies are divided into groups as they go on modeling auditions. Then, they visit Broadway for a photo shoot, where they are photographed through a plastic sheet while lying face down in water.

Only 8 girls left. At this point I’m pulling for Katarzyna.

Dominique is craaaazy! Like me, Lauren and some of the other girls think Claire was disrespectful to Aimee last week. Lauren maybe drinks Fatima’s coffee (it’s unclear), Fatima is annoyed about it, and Lauren starts cursing up a storm. Whatever.

The girls go on go-sees in groups of four. Wow, these girls get cell phones with navigational capabilities. And they don’t have to do this ep in a country where they don’t speak the language. However, they are not allowed to take taxis. They have to walk everywhere. B.F.D.

Whitney is perfectly aware that, as a plus-sized model, she would not be booking the same jobs as the other girls. And in fact, the first designer they meet says she would not hire a size 10. Whitney is upset even though she saw it coming. I finally think Dominique might be a little kinder toward Whitney, but I am wrong.

The teams swap go-sees, and the second designer Whitney meets does use plus-sized models. The other group doesn’t do so well at their second go-see. At a third location, they all meet up and the winner is announced. I just realized Katarzyna’s hair has not been cut. Anyway, the winning group is Claire, Whitney, Stacy-Ann, and Dominique. Stacy-Ann booked the most jobs. Team 1 gets to be in Seventeen magazine.

For the photo shoot, the girls pose face down, in water, on a huge sheet of plastic suspended above a stage. They don’t go through hair or makeup; in fact they are stripped of the makeup they are wearing. Claire belly flops onto the plastic even though Jay tells her not to, and hurts her neck. What an idiot. I like Claire, but she fucking does a belly flop onto a solid sheet of plastic! What did she think would happen?!?

Dominique rocks it. Claire sucks. I can see her going home tonight. Lauren does not do well. Anya is ok but keeps forgetting about her toes. Finally, they chop off Katarzyna’s hair. She does well. According to Jay, Whitney is “incredible,” and she’s funny – “You just can’t know what you look like. I mean, how often do you practice laying in puddles on the ground?” Stacy-Ann is just ok. Fatima does very well.

Awww, the girls all get along as they talk about how hard the photo shoot was.

In the judging room:
Claire’s photo is flat. She tries to blame it on her face-plant, but Tyra knows that Jay told Claire not to belly flop and she did it anyway.
Stacy-Ann struggled.
Katarzyna looks like a dancer and a model.
Whitney is alive. Her film blew Tyra away.
Dominique is beautiful and has a great expression.
Lauren looks like she’s dead. It’s her weakest shot yet. And she’s awful in front of the judges.
Fatima looks perfect. Her film was stunning.
Anya looks like a nymph and has good intensity.

YAY!!! Cover Girl of the Week is Katarzyna, my new favorite model. Obviously I don’t know why Claire didn’t win this week, but I would bet money it has to do with her nasty behavior in the last episode.

The judges deliberate: Claire is a one-note wonder. Katarzyna takes great photos, but has no personality in the judging room. Dominique looked awful at judging. Nigel thinks Fatima lucked into her shot. Lauren lacks self-confidence, and she’s not getting any better.

The winner is Fatima. The bottom two are Claire and Lauren. Claire can take great pictures, but they are monotonous. Lauren takes great pictures, but is “like Frankenstein” in person.

Claire is eliminated. I totally saw that coming!

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