ANTM Cycle 10: Jetsetter Edition

America’s Next Top Model – For Those About To Walk, We Salute You
Paulina instructs the models how to behave during interviews and public events, and then the gals test their new skills at a cocktail party where they mingle with fashion-world notables. One contestant panics when she loses her travel documents and realizes she may not be able to go to a secret overseas location with the rest of the group.

After the last episode I, for the first time ever, voted in the Cover Girl Model of the Week poll. I’m only slightly ashamed. Mostly I feel ok about it.

The girls talk about how they are proud to have made it so far. Whitney, in particular, is thrilled since she is a plus-sized model. But, there is no way a plus-sized model will win this competition so I feel sorry for her. Irresponsible Fatima has lost her travel documents so she can’t leave the country. She has been talking with a lawyer trying to expedite the process of getting new docs, and all the girls are really encouraging and sympathetic. Bitch please! ANTM sends the girls to another country. Every. Single. Season. Fatima is an idiot.

In other news, Katarzyna’s hair looks amazing. Paulina teaches the girls to think on their feet for interviews and whatnot. They each have to approach and impress Paulina as she pretends to be a makeup mogul at a party. Paulina is a royal bitch, which is fabulous. Lauren just giggles. Paulina thinks Katarzyna is a waitress. Whitney and Stacy Ann are too fake. Anya does well. Next, Paulina pretends to be an airheaded interviewer. Whitney answers the questions well but her expression goes blank. Dominique rambles.

The girls make potato pancakes. What? Models can eat that shit? I guess Whitney’s the one making them, though, and she is plus-sized. I kid, I kid. Anyway, Lauren cuts the tip of her finger off and has to go to the hospital. The ANTM producer calls Fatima. Apparently the consulate has said that her scramble to get travel documents is too last minute. The producer is concerned that she will not get them in time. But this is ridiculous, because money can do anything and of course she will get them. I am in a bad mood tonight and it would cheer me immensely if some girl gets fucked in this competition just because she’s irresponsible.

In a commercial for Farmer Wants a Wife, the CW totally disses Dominique by comparing her to some horrible-looking girl who will be on FWAW. Awesome!

Tyra sends the girls a huge box of lemons and limes. They are invited to a “green carpet” event hosted by 7 Up. Designer Jay Godfrey sends over dresses and stylists to get the girls ready. The challenge is to work the red carpet and the party. The girls are actually decent on the red carpet, except Dominique commits the ultimate faux pas by getting the designer’s name wrong when asked who she’s wearing. Lauren is confident, but curses in her interview. Whitney still looks fake.

At the party, Lauren does really well. She is self-assured and svelte as she talks about her love for crust punk. Nigel even comments on it. Stacy Ann thinks she’s doing amazing, but in reality she’s coming off as phony. Anya wins the chance to star in a 7 Up ad. She gets paid $10,000. And she kinda gloats about it in front of the other girls. I think she should have kept it to herself. It’s called class, girl.

Big fucking surprise. The ANTM producer calls to let Fatima know she has an appointment at the consulate at 9:00 am the next day. At the same moment, the girls get a TyraMail telling them to pack for a trip abroad. They get into the limo at 5:00 am and are taken to the airport. Fatima is freaking out, though to be honest ANTM is building the drama way too much and it is super obvious how this will turn out. Really, she shouldn’t even be in the limo since she has no travel documents.

Anyway, it’s all a sham. This is actually a photo shoot. They’re not going anywhere.

The idea is for a group shot of the girls running to catch a plane. Each girl is “featured” in turn, and then the photographer will put together a composite of each girl’s best shot. Fatima explains her situation to Jay, and he is totally unsympathetic. He thinks she’s been lax, and I agree. She rushes off to the consulate.

During the shoot, Lauren doesn’t do that well but Jay does acknowledge that she’s dealing with pain. Stacy Ann sucks. Whitney also sucks. Anya does well. Fatima gets her docs. Duh. Working with Dominique is like “Remedial Posing 101.” Katarzyna is great. Fatima does not make it back before the end of the shoot. Which sucks for her, because when the girls go to relax after the shoot, panel is waiting for them. Damn.

Tyra explains that immediately after the judging, they are going abroad. She is way overly tough with Fatima, so it’s clear she will not be sent home. During the judging, Fatima stands in the back crying. Katarzyna, Lauren, Dominique, and Anya are praised. Stacy Ann and Whitney are not. My guess at this point is Stacy Ann. Normally I would say Fatima, but they’ve overplayed it too much. Lauren wins Cover Girl of the Week.

In the deliberation: Katarzyna is “pretty good.” Dominique is improving week to week. Lauren is still not that great in person, but Jay and Paulina believe in her. Whitney takes good photos but she’s fake in person. Stacy Ann has plateaued. Anya stole the show. Fatima’s body of work is split between good and bad.

Anya takes the best photo. The bottom two are Stacy Ann and Fatima, and of course Stacy Ann is eliminated. Tyra hopes that Fatima has learned a lesson in responsibility. After a sobbing Stacy Ann leaves the hangar, Tyra tells the girls they are going to Rome. They start screeching and jumping up and down.

I have to say that I am really not into Anya. It’s not that I dislike her. She is nice and agreeable and her photos are fine. Overall, she has won more than the other girls, but I absolutely do not see this girl as top model material. I continue to be shocked every week when she wins things. Am I the only one?

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