ANTM Cycle 10: Woo! Edition

America’s Next Top Model – Viva Italia
The models travel to Rome and film a commercial in Italian.

So last week we posted a poll, and here are the results:

Who should win ANTM Cycle 10?
40% Anya

30% Katarzyna

10% Whitney

The girls go to Rome. They freak out, as is to be expected. They are dropped off at the Colosseum and Anya falls off the bus. Literally. Fatima says she (Fatima) has received a second chance and has no excuse not to do her best. Katarzyna describes their new apartment as “off the chain.” As soon as they get to Rome, Fatima gets sick. Anya is tired of everyone ripping on each other just to make themselves feel better.

On a tour of Rome, their tour guide points out fashionable women on the street. It reminds me of The Sartorialist. This has got to be part of the challenge. The girls meet designer Gai Mattiolo. Their challenge is to adapt to Italian style, so they get an “Italian” makeover. Whitney is concerned that all the clothes are sample sizes and she can’t fit into them, but she does find something to wear. Fatima is elegant. Dominique is natural but not fresh. Katarzyna is beautiful. Anya is “so blonde.” Whitney is “so American.” Lauren has beautiful legs. Anya wins the challenge. Seriously, WTF? I do not get the fascination with Anya at all.

When the girls get the next TyraMail it is in Italian. Katarzyna, who speaks a variety of languages, tells the girls they will be doing a commercial for Cover Girl. Lauren gets really worried, saying, “I’m not a cover girl, that’s not me.” Why is she on the show then?!?

Each girl shoots a 30 second spot after learning a script in Italian. They have a very brief amount of time to learn quite a lot – in addition to speaking an unfamiliar language, they have to walk, put on lipstick, and interact with other actors.

During the shoot:
Anya looks confused; didn’t know what was going on but she works it.
Katarzyna did an amazing job but her performance was a little lifeless.
Dominique makes up the language but her energy is good.
Lauren is truly terrible. She is hard to watch, and can’t take direction.
Fatima has lost her voice a little, but she’s determined. The director describes her as a goddess.
Whitney didn’t jive; her laugh was too fake and she came off bitchy.

During panel:
Anya was a “piece of dookie” but she does have the model look.
Katarzyna was good but Tyra felt the ending was boring.
Dominique was “hoochified” but she brought an energy. Paulina says she was scary.
Lauren didn’t even try, was too nervous, there was no elegance.
Fatima was a bit sexual, but the fact that she managed to say it all in one take is impressive.
Whitney was fake from beginning to end, but Tyra liked it. Paulina does not agree.

Katarzyna brings a lot more personality to panel, but unfortunately most of it comes out of her teasing Tyra about not being able to pronounce her name. It was a great idea to be more bubbly, but by the end Tyra seemed kind of annoyed. Cover Girl of the Week is Anya. Boo.

In the private deliberation:
No one aced it.
Anya is a model physically but you can’t understand anything she says.
Katarzyna was the director’s favorite.
Dominique was not a cover girl at all, but they enjoyed it. J Alexander “still thinks she’s a brother.”
Lauren is a model. She takes the best pictures but she was too nervous.
Fatima’s was one of the best she’s ever done.
Whitney has a lot to work on and she’ s too fake.

Fatima gets called first. The bottom two are Lauren and Whitney. Sorry for the photo trickery this week, but there was no photo of Fatima’s shoot on the CW site.

Lauren takes amazing photos but she is still awkward in person. They feel she has given up. Whitney takes beautiful pictures but she is too phony. And Lauren is eliminated! I did not see that coming.

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