Is Hans Blix Lost?

Hi folks. Many of you have asked/written about our recent lack of Lost posts. As much as it pains us to admit it, we think we have lost our Lost blogger. Hans has a lot going on these days, and hasn't had the time to entertain us with his fabulously witty posts. We will attempt to woo him back , or we will hire a new Lost blogger. The show must go on! Anyway, here's the un-fun, quick & dirty version of what's happened in the past two weeks...

Lost – Something Nice Back Home
Jack’s health is seriously compromised (appendicitis), forcing Kate and Juliet to work together to save him. Meanwhile, Sawyer, Claire, Aaron, and Miles continue their trek from Locke’s camp to the beach.

Lost – Cabin Fever
Locke discovers the location of Jacob’s cabin, and life aboard the freighter becomes increasingly perilous.

If you'd like to give a better recap or discuss what you think is happening with the island, please feel free to do so in the comments! Who knows, maybe YOU could be our new Lost blogger!

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