90210 S1E12: One Man and a Baby

We’re getting into territory that I know well. In this episode, Brandon starts dating a new girl. Who, as it turns out, has a baby. I recall him having some wacky babysitting escapades. Brandon sure dates a lot, although we’ve never seen a girl who lasts more than one episode. Also, though I don’t remember how this ends up happening, this is the episode in which Brenda goes skydiving.

Brandon meets a senior named Melissa, who is cute, sweet, Harvard-bound…and has a baby. When Brandon asks her what it’s like, she says it’s like jumping off a cliff. Melissa’s babysitter cancels unexpectedly on the day of her Harvard interview, so she hoists her kid off on Brandon. Steve comes over to watch the game, and the two get into some hi-jinks – can’t figure out how a diaper works, can’t make baby stop crying, etc. Melissa’s interview goes horribly and she has second thoughts about keeping her baby, but in the end she decides that she did the right thing, natch. She and Brandon have this heartfelt conversation where he’s all, “Don’t forget I have visitation rights,” but of course we will never see this girl again.

Meanwhile, Brenda and Kelly win skydiving lessons from the local radio station. Brenda is afraid of heights, so she has some trouble with this. Kelly tells her to stop being a baby. Both girls have a crush on the instructor, who thankfully is much more attractive than the teacher a few episodes back. I was starting to wonder about the casting director of this show. The whole thing doesn’t really make sense, though, Brenda and Dylan are dating now and yet she and Kelly fight over this guy – to the extent that they end up pushing each other out of a plane while arguing. WTF?

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