90210 S1E15: Palm Springs Weekend

Apparently at this point I was just getting into 90210 … I had incredibly strong memory ties to the first two eps on this disc. The second two, I don’t recognize at all.

We open on Dylan and Brenda making out in his Porsche. He breaks the kiss and tells her he’s “dying.” They’ve been going out for two months and he’s been absolutely faithful to her but all he gets is “a bunch of promises and a lot of I’m sorry.” Poor Brenda apologizes and Dylan says, “Don’t be sorry. Be friendly.” What a dick. He then pressures her into having sex with him over Presidents Day weekend, a time when tradition deems that West Beverly High students go to Palm Springs.

When Steve’s plans fall through (his family’s second home is being fumigated), David gains serious points by offering up his grandparents’ mansion while they’re out of town. Brenda drives with Kelly and Donna, who plan to drop her off at Dylan’s hotel. David and Steve are in car #2. And Brandon is stuck at home because he has to work.

David gets a nasty shock when he finds his grandparents in their hot tub, and then gets embarrassed because they want to spend time with him. Also, they’re cooler than he is and his friends love them.

Brenda gets dropped off at the wrong hotel, and loses her wallet. A kind (attractive, male) hotel employee takes pity on her, and sets up a roll-away bed in a broom closet. Actually, he invites her to stay at his place, but she declines. Meanwhile, Dylan runs into an old (not so attractive, female) friend and when Brenda finally shows up at the right hotel, she finds Dylan and the girl in his room. So they get into a huge fight. Let’s just compare Brenda’s hotel employee and Dylan’s friend:

I think Brenda wins.

Regardless, she turns the tables and pressures Dylan right back, and the guy is totally shocked when she storms into his hotel room and demands that he take off his clothes so they can “get it over with.” Dylan says he doesn’t want to be pressured into it, and Brenda retorts, “Well now you know how it feels, don’t you?”

Back in Beverly Hills, Brandon is both irritated and charmed by Curtis, a mouthy blonde kid who spends an inordinate amount of time at the Peach Pit. Apparently the Peach Pit is supposed to be ridiculously cheap, because they make a point of showing Curtis paying for his meals in change. One night after closing up, Brandon realizes he has forgotten something and goes back inside only to find Curtis on a stool with his hand in the till.

Curtis admits that his family doesn’t have a place to live, and “people give us spare change so they don’t have to feel weird.” Brandon wraps up some food for him, and Curtis disappears into the night. I’m impressed – based on the 90210 I’ve seen thus far I would have expected Brandon to get mom a job waitressing at the Peach Pit. Although, he does tell Curtis to have his mom come in so they can “help or something.” Curtis just says, “I’ll be ok. Don’t worry.”


Anonymous said...

Looks like Brenda's guy is the same one who played her almost-husband Stuart a few seasons later.

Allison said...

That is definitely the same actor playing Tom the Hotel Employee and Stuart Carson who becomes Brenda's fiance later in life. ... Who knew they were destined to-almost-be!

His name is David Gail.

Christina said...

thank heavens there is another fan of 90210! what ever happened to Ray Pruitt?