90210 S1E18: It's Only A Test

I really hope this is the SAT one. But it might be the breast cancer one. If it’s the SAT one, all I really remember is that Brandon and Brenda get the same scores, but reversed. If it’s the breast cancer one, Brenda finds a lump in her breast and there’s a whole lot of freaking out, but it turns out to be nothing.

Steve wants Brandon to take an SAT prep course, but Brandon doesn’t want to. He claims you can’t study for the SATs. Andrea is freaking out because she’s bad at standardized tests. While the girls are studying for the SATs, Kelly reads a magazine article about checking for breast cancer, so the girls do it even though Donna says it’s “something her mom does.” Brenda feels something, though she pretends she doesn’t. First the SATs, now this. The girl doesn’t have enough to worry about?

At home, Brenda tells her mom. Her mom feels her and agrees that there is something there. Brenda doesn’t want her dad to know because she’s embarrassed. Poor thing. Cindy puts up a good front but you can tell she’s also worried. Brenda’s doctor is awesome. She has a biopsy done, and learns that her lump is not a cyst.

Andrea asks Steve if she can study for the SATs with him, wanting to take advantage of an SAT prep course that she can’t afford. Is this the one where they almost kiss? Oh yeah, this is totally it! While studying, Andrea ends up lying on Steve’s bed, and he tells her she’s cute without her glasses. Then he kisses her. Woah! They make out for a bit, and then Andrea freaks out and runs away. Steve is weirdly turned on, and spends a few seconds sort of screaming in frustration after she leaves.

Andrea’s pants start like two inches below her breasts. Ouch. Brandon tells her Brenda’s secret even though he absolutely should not be doing so. What is he thinking? I understand that he needs someone to talk to, but jeez. But Brenda also tells Kelly and Donna. Much like Summer on The OC, Kelly started as an airhead bitch and is now a good person and a really good friend.

Dylan grabs Brenda in the hallway and she loses it. He blames the SATs and she bursts into tears. He tells her it’s only a test, and she finally tells him what’s going on. Dylan says that he’ll go with her, but she doesn’t want him to. She thinks this has changed things between them. That’s kind of a weird reaction. And then Dylan says he loves her.

It’s kinda sad. This should be a huge momentous occasion, but Brenda is too preoccupied to fully comprehend it. Instead, she shoves him away and says, “You’re only saying that.” But, after letting the afternoon marinate a bit, Brenda calls Dylan and tells him she loves him. On his answering machine. I already know these two are doomed, but this is like the foreshadowing of doom.

And there’s more foreshadowing! Brenda dreams that she’s dead and everyone is taking the SATs.
Kelly’s question is: “The thing I most want Brenda to leave me in her will is…”
A. her red pumps
B. her porcelain doll collection
C. her turquoise earrings
D. her boyfriend

And guess what she chooses?

I haven’t had a ton of medical experience, but does your general practitioner usually do your surgery? That seems a little odd. Brenda has her lump removed while everyone else takes the SATs. Brandon is too distracted, though, so he walks out on the test. Dylan shows up after going to five hospitals because Brenda didn’t tell him where to go. Then they all go home and wait, until they finally get the call that everything is ok. Phew!

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