90210 S1E4: The First Time

I believe this is the one where Brandon loses his virginity, but it turns out something is weird with the girl. Maybe she has an STD or something? Although that seems too extreme.

As we open, Brandon’s Minnesotan girlfriend Sheryl wants to come visit. Brandon is thrilled. Andrea is still “ANN-dreah.” Meanwhile, Brenda, Kelly, and Donna talk about how “gorgeous” their Algebra teacher is. This guy:

Yeah. Anyway, he asks Brenda to baby-sit for his kid and she gets all excited about it. She has this little fantasy that is actually quite awesome, where he asks her to run away with him to “make a love nest in some little alpine village where nobody knows our names. During the day I’ll teach skiing, and at night we’ll cuddle by the fire.” And it’s all in soft focus, natch.

Brandon tells Dylan all about how “special” Sheryl is and Dylan says, “She sleeps with you, of course you think she’s special.” Then when Brandon balks, Dylan says, “You mean she doesn’t sleep with you?” I think Brandon is beginning to feel some pressure. Holy hell what is Dylan wearing?!?! At first I could only see the white t-shirt, so I was like, “Cool.” Then in the long shot he’s wearing blue plaid parachute pants!! Hopefully I will be able to stop harping on this soon, but ESPECIALLY when it comes to Dylan, the costume choices just leave me speechless.

When Sheryl arrives, she stays in Brenda’s room but sneaks into Brandon’s after Brenda falls asleep. Cindy hears the door creak open and lays awake all night, desperately listening for any movement. Brandon convinces Sheryl to sleep with him, and the next morning he’s singing to Frank Sinatra and dancing around, complete with jazz hands.

However, once Sheryl meets Dylan it’s all downhill from there. She is smitten by his good looks, his movie-star friends, his Porsche, and the fact that he lives in a swanky hotel. She hits on Dylan, and Brandon blames Dylan for trying to steal his girl and then punches him. Brandon and Sheryl get into a fight and she tells him that he’s not the first person she slept with. Brandon is a dick about it, furious because she made him “wait and wait” but then (supposedly) didn’t think twice about having sex with some other dude.

Meanwhile, Cindy discovers that Sheryl has run away from home. Brandon finds Sheryl at Dylan’s hotel suite and she tells him all about how her family is falling apart, how she relied on him so much, and how devastated she was when he moved away. Then she goes back to Minnesota.

Brandon and Brenda spend an awful lot of time having conversations half naked. He’ll wear pants (only), she’ll wear an oversized men’s shirt. At their age isn’t that a little bit strange? I understand that the female viewers probably wanted to see Jason Priestley shirtless, and male viewers (wait, were there any?) like to see ladies in various states of undress, but as these two are supposed to be siblings AND at an awkward age, it just seems a little…off.

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David Copperfield, hmmm. Brenda Copperfield ... yes they were meant to be together.