90210 S1E6: Higher Education

Again, I got nothing.

Mr. Danzel, Brandon’s American history teacher, comes into the Peach Pit and rebuffs B’s friendly advances. Brandon then gets a C on a quiz because Danzel grades on a curve. Steve and Andrea both gets As.

Dylan is still wearing half-undone overalls. Giggling, Kelly & Brenda approach him and he says he loves blondes, but gives Brenda this look where he just barely raises his eyebrow at her and yet somehow looks like pure sex doing it. Ah yes, this is the Dylan I remember. Also, this is the first time he & Brenda have met. Brenda then goes home and fantasizes about having blonde hair, and Dylan complimenting her on it. And in the fantasy, she looks like this:

Apparently in the early ’90s there were no good wig makers in Hollywood. Anyway, Brenda sees Kelly and Dylan giggling together in the hall one day and ends up trying to highlight her hair. Of course, it is a disaster.

Then, she’s out jogging. Dylan zooms up on his motorcycle and offers to hook her up with a stylist he knows. And she says she likes his butt. Literally. She says, “I like your butt.” Then she backpedals. “I mean your bike.” And Dylan responds, “Oh, well, thank you. Hop on. My bike, that is.” I love it!!!

Meanwhile, Steve offers to help Brandon study. But for Steve, “studying” and“cheating” are interchangeable. Brandon is swept away for a bit, but finally the guilt gets to him. One day, he yells at Mr. Danzel, saying that the way he grades is unfair. Memorizing facts isn’t learning. So Danzel gives a midterm based on the students’ personal interpretations of historical events. Steve looks shell-shocked.

On a side note, Kelly is at the house while the Walsh parents praise Brandon for his good grades. Guilt-stricken, he asks if they can stop talking about grades. And Kelly says, “I think this is great. We never talk about anything at my house.” Poor little Kelly.

Also, Andrea goes from “ANN-dreah” to “AAHN-dreah” in this ep. At the beginning, she’s still “ANN-dreah” but once Brandon gets mad at her, she becomes “AAHN-dreah,” and she remains so ever after.

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