90210 S2E11: Leading From The Heart

Kelly falls for Brenda's paraplegic cousin.

This is a good episode, but there’s not a lot to say. The twins’ cousin Bobby, who is paraplegic, visits Beverly Hills. He and Kelly hit it off, but when she takes him to a party he gets uncomfortable. He has to be carried up the stairs, he can’t dance with Kelly, and some girl trips over him and spills her drink on his shirt. Kelly dances with the party host, and Bobby gets upset and leaves. Kelly is confused, and of course her judgmental friends are all, “Way to go Kel,” and “You must have done something to upset him!”

When Kelly goes to talk to Bobby, he says the girls he meets never stick around. Kelly’s like “Stop freaking out, we went on one date, why are you putting all these expectations on me, I’ve only known you for two days.” Finally, someone speaks up about the ridiculous expectations on this show!

In other news, this ep also includes a totally unnecessary scene in which Brandon cries and says it’s his fault that Bobby is in a wheelchair because he dared him to do a ski jump. It’s awkward.

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