90210 S1E6: Model Behavior

“This isn’t The Parent Trap, Naomi.”

I read online that Dylan was supposed to make a surprise appearance tonight. He did not. And even though this show is so boring, I can’t stop watching it. Either the CW is doing something right, or I’m a masochist.

This week’s episode centers on a fashion show. What is with the ubiquity of the TV fashion show? My So-Called Life, The OC, Gilmore Girls, the list goes on and on. I personally have never gone to a school that hosted a fashion show. Am I sheltered?

Anyway, here’s the poop: Adriana won’t admit she has a drug problem. Annie tells Ty to never speak to her again. I guess Debbie suddenly has a job, because she’s working for a photographer. His assistant backs out of shooting the aforementioned fashion show, so Debbie begs for a shot. (Ha, “shot” get it?) Meanwhile, Dixon and Silver are blissful and making out in public. Navid is irritated. Annie somehow agrees to let Adriana help her assist during the fashion show, and then does several nice things for her during the course of the night (“because unlike you, I’m actually a nice person”). Adriana feels bad, and admits that she didn’t sleep with Ty. But then Adriana decides that Annie is a narc for her dad, and pushes her around (literally) before storming out of the party. Annie and Ty make up, but she tells him she just wants to be friends because she’s not ready for sex. I guess chaste dating is impossible in BH.

Meanwhile, Dylan calls Brenda from Wyoming. He wants to be with Kelly and Sammy, but not in Beverly Hills. But why, sage Ryan asks, did he call Brenda if he wanted to talk to you? Kelly accuses Brenda of going after Dylan. They argue, they make up, and later Brenda tearfully deletes Dylan’s number from her cell phone. Then she meets up with Ryan, whom Kelly has dumped. He hits on Brenda, and she goes with it. Snap!

Check out those hideous shoes! Naomi tries to get her parents back together. She fails, and then she and Ethan break up “for good this time.” If he and Annie get together immediately I’m gonna be pissed. Kelly goes to visit Dylan for two weeks and agrees to let Silver stay at her house alone. That seems like a bad idea. Adriana gets a new drug dealer, and the show ends with him welcoming her “to the big leagues.” Good grief.

One of the many problems with this show is the lack of a geek. At first I thought that was Navid’s role, but after he appears at the fashion show and three models descend on him within three seconds, I have to admit that I’m wrong. Everyone on this show is attractive and popular and desirable…and they all know it. I no longer trust the CW’s promotion of 90210, but having said that next week’s ep looks mildly promising, featuring Naomi getting arrested after taking the fall for Adriana, and someone yelling “She’s not even breathing!” Hmph. We’ll see.

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