ANTM Cycle 11: You're a Disaster Edition

Samantha is determined to think positive after receiving scathing remarks from designer Jeremy Scott last week. Marjorie doesn’t understand the whole “positive mantra” idea and thinks it must be a cultural difference. She continues to be negative and tear herself down. Eventually, she and Sam get into a fight. Meanwhile, Joslyn is frustrated with herself because she is slipping week to week. Clark and Lauren Brie whisper in bed together. Those girls have become awfully close.

The girls go to a warehouse, where Paulina appears in an ill-fitting outfit. She explains that much of a model’s work is catalog, where the clothes don’t fit and the models have to make it work. I would think that would be the stylist’s responsibility, but whatever. It’s still a good lesson. The girls are each outfitted with too-big clothes and a tool belt filled with clips, bottles, rubber bands, shoulder pads, and other odds and ends. When Paulina judges them, Marjorie loses it. Paulina asks if she’s going to throw up, and the other girls jump to her defense, saying it’s just nerves. Paulina then talks about how in Europe, it is socially acceptable to have a negative attitude. It’s kind of weird. I lived in England for a year and I don’t really remember people being super negative. Anway, McKey wins and gets 50 extra frames for the next shoot.

The girls pose as “L.A. natural disasters,” which gives the stylists a lot of license (I mean come on, traffic jam?) During the shoot, Jay is kind to Sheena, Annaleigh, McKey (he said she didn’t even need the extra frames!), and Samantha (“she really thought about it.”) He is less kind to Elina, Clark, Lauren Brie (!!!), Joslyn, and Marjorie (he literally had to pose her like a doll).

Marjorie took a great pic, it works but she needs to take more chances.
Sheena is wearing a bad outfit to panel, Nigel loves her photo, good energy.
Elina had a good face, is the definition of “ugly pretty.”
Annaleigh is cute, great pose, fun, need to do something “extra” with her eyes.
McKey needs to remember her themes but Tyra loved her photo.
Samantha has a great body, great face, well done.
Clark wasn’t right at all, didn’t think about her pose, took it too literally.
Lauren Brie was too posey and stiff, needs to step it up.
Joslyn is slipping, has no energy, is a mess.

Marjorie has improved in person, her photos are consistently great.
Samantha is a ham, but a cute ham.
Sheena has personality and spice. I think Nigel has a little crush on her.
Annaleigh is great to some judges but then they say she’s not photogenic (???)
McKey is…I don’t know, because they joked around instead of talking about her.
Lauren Brie’s photo is way to cheesy.
Clark is mediocre and took a terrible photo this week.
Elina can do so much more if she just LETS GO!
Joslyn has potential, but the judges are confused as to what has happened to her spark.

The first photo is Samantha (Deservingly. All that water movement you see in that photo up there? She did all of that with her arms & legs, and still managed to get a hot pose).
The bottom two are Clark and Joslyn.

Clark started ok, got stronger, and is good but not fantastic.
Joslyn started strong but has drizzled away since.

Clark is eliminated.

Hallelujah! I haven’t liked Clark from the start. I don’t necessarily disagree with any of the cuts so far (except maybe Isis) but I am, regardless, shocked that McKey is still in the competition. I guess I just don’t get it. It was way disappointing to see Lauren Brie fail so miserably this week – and at the point in the competition when glittering past performance starts to matter less and less. Marjorie is going to go nuts and axe-murder everyone soon enough. And Elina is killing herself week by week. Although the end result this week was stunning, her lackluster performance during the past two shoots has been disheartening.

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