Supernatural S4E10: Heaven and Hell

“Why don’t you try J Date?”

We pick up right where the left off, with Castiel and Uriel claiming that Anna is far from an innocent. Suddenly, they are yanked away in a flash of light. The boys find Anna drawing symbols on the wall in her own blood – she sent them away with a spell that just “popped into her head.”

The boys get Pamela (the psychic who went blind trying to see who saved Dean), to find out what the deal with Anna is. Pamela hypnotizes her, and she goes freaking nuts. But, upside, she remembers who she is. And it turns out she’s a fallen angel. A really powerful fallen angel who disobeyed God and ripped out her grace to become human. Ruby looks shocked – this is way more than she had bargained for. Anna is determined to find her grace.

They are painting quite an interesting picture of Christianity in this season of Supernatural. First, Castiel admitted that he doubts God’s will sometimes. Now, Anna says that angels take the existence of God on faith. Only four have actually seen him. If they don’t have faith, they are killed. Dean relates to the idea of an absentee father whose commands you are meant to follow blindly. They find where Anna’s grace landed on Earth (really easily), but someone has taken it.
The angels threaten that if Dean doesn’t give up Anna, they’ll send him back to hell.

Later, Anna tells Dean that she has heard the angels talking about what he did in hell. He can’t talk about it. She says he should forgive himself. Meanwhile. Ruby burns the hex bag that has been hiding them, and brings Alastair. She’ll give him Anna in exchange for the rest of them. Instead, Alastair tortures Ruby. It’s super bloody and there’s a lot of screaming.

Dean sleeps with Anna, then Uriel comes to him in a dream. Uriel has her grace, and Dean tries to scarfice himself but Uriel makes a persuasive offer. Once everyone is awake, Castiel and Uriel appear. Dean gave up Anna, because they threatened to kill Sam. She understands.

Alastair then appears, and they battle. He says that Dean had such promise. Anna steals her grace back from Uriel, and explodes in a ball of light, killing Alastair. Turns out Ruby didn’t rat them out – instead, it was all Sam’s idea.

At the end, they have a bro talk on the hood of the Impala. Dean reveals that even though on earth he was in hell for four months, below it was more like 40 years. They carved him up until there was nothing left, and then he would magically become whole again and they’d start all over. After 30 years, he couldn’t take it anymore, and agreed to torture others. He wishes now that he couldn’t feel anything. They both cry. It’s really quite sad.

Supernatural returns January 15.

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