Supernatural S4E9: I Know What You Did Last Summer

Well, now we know for sure that Sam and Ruby have been having sex. Ugh. But this episode was interesting. It set up an intriguing story, and then basically abandoned it to tell us what Sam did while Dean was in hell.

First, the story: a young woman named Anna can hear angels talking, and everyone thinks she’s insane when she tries to tell them about Lilith and Lucifer and the end of the world. She reveals that there are 600 possible seals in the world – it’s just that only 66 have to be broken in order to set Lucifer free. This means it is nearly impossible to stop Lilith, because no one can know which 66 she’s gunning for.

Anna first “overheard” the chatter the same day Dean was pulled from hell – and the first thing she heard? “Clear as a bell. Dean Winchester is saved.” But then a powerful demon shows up and Ruby (yeah, she’s there) demands that Sam use his abilities. Stuck with no other choice, he does. However, this demon is a little too powerful for that.

While Ruby sneaks Anna out the back, he tosses Sam down a flight of stairs and then attacks Dean – who recognizes him from the pit, as Alastair. Before we can learn anything more, Sam stabs Alastair with Ruby’s knife. This also doesn’t work, and only has the effect of losing the knife. With nowhere else to go, the Winchester boys leap through a stained glass window.

Back at the hotel, Sam sews up a nasty gash on his arm before popping Dean’s dislocated shoulder back into place. I like this. Now that I think about it, we rarely see the aftermath of the battles on this show. Anyway, this is where we get the brunt of Sam’s past. After Dean’s death, a drunken Sam tries to make a deal with the Crossroads Demon. Seriously? This again? Fortunately, the demon says the same thing – and this time, it won’t work. They’ve got Dean right where they want him, and Sam’s paltry little soul isn’t worth the exchange. Sam weaves his way home, where a blond secretary version of Ruby shows up ostensibly to kill him, but ends up killing her demon partner instead.

Sam is not happy to see Ruby again, and asks whose body she’s in this time. “You never asked me that before,” she says. Which is kind of interesting, really. But Sam is all high and mighty now. So, Ruby possesses the body of coma patient who has just that second been taken off life support, after making sure the woman’s spirit had moved on. Ruby sure does jump through a lot of hoops for young Winchester. What is her endgame?

After demanding that he sober up, Ruby tries to teach Sam to use his abilities in order to (someday) kill Lilith, but Sam’s not so good at it. As a consolation, Ruby seduces him, saying her new body is “warm and soft inside.” This line, combined with the awful faces Jared Padalecki makes when he’s simulating sex, cause a very uncomfortable couple of minutes. And like me, Dean is also disgusted.

Anyway, a very determined Past Sam goes on a suicide mission to avenge his big brother’s murder. Ruby tries to stop him, but he takes off after Lilith. Naturally it’s a trap, and when Ruby is attacked Sam finally harnesses his powers to save her. So that’s it. Ruby saved Sam’s life, and taught him how to continue to fight without his brother’s backup. That’s a lotta exposition!

In the end, Ruby temporarily commandeers a maid’s body in order to get a message to the boys. They meet up with Anna and Ruby at a shack somewhere, and Dean comes as close as he ever will to thanking Ruby. Suddenly, Anna cries, “They’re coming!” and everyone gets into fight mode. But, I’m thinking, doesn’t she hear angels? Doesn’t that mean angels, not demons, are coming? Sure enough, Castiel and Uriel blast through the door. But are they here to help? Oh, no. They are here to kill Anna.

Next week: Dean and Anna do it in the Impala. Quite frankly, I don’t feel too good about this. For all their swagger, the boys have never been particularly loose – and whenever they have had sex, dire consequences always follow (Jess-burns to death, Madison-werewolf, Doublemint Twins-Dean goes to hell). Haven’t they learned anything yet? Although, maybe with what she’s overheard Anna is the only one who can understand what Dean has been through. That, I could see. The one thing I really, really hope is that they don’t try to tell us about (or more specifically, show us) Dean’s time in hell. I mean, come on. It’s hell! A TV show, especially on a network like the CW, could never show how bad it truly was. My imagination is way worse than anything they could show me, so it would just be a disappointment.

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