How I Met Your Mother S4E13: Three Days of Snow

“Serve the hotties first.”

This one was straight filler, all the way. Marshall and Lily, in an attempt to be more mature, start letting go of all their cute little “rituals.” Funny, I thought they learned this lesson last time they tried to be mature. The ritual in question involves airports, local microbrews, and chauffeur signs. They both agree not to take part in the ritual, and then each decides that the other will do it anyway, leading to a desperate gambit on both sides.

Meanwhile, Ted and Barney take over McLaren’s for a night, complete with a re-enactment of the behind-the-bar antics from Cocktail. Robin agrees to drive Marshall to the airport. Because if he were to drive himself, she would literally have no role in this episode. Anyway, they get buried by a snowplow, thus forcing Marshall to miss Lily’s arrival at the airport, and causing her to sit forlornly on a bench.

…Or not! HIMYM writers are quite good at subverting the viewer’s expectations. In the end, it turns out the three story lines that appeared to be simultaneous actually took place over the three days. Day One: Lily’s flight was canceled but Marshall didn’t pick up the phone because he thought it was their “ritual” lunchtime call, so he and Robin are buried in snow on their way to the airport. Day Two: Barney & Ted take over the bar and accidentally invite over an entire marching band. Day Three: Lily arrives at the airport and doesn’t find Marshall. But then a marching band appears, along with Marshall (now it makes sense), and the two kiss passionately.

So, filler. Filler that was only mildly palatable.

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lainey said...

I was too distracted by Alyson Hannigan's pregnacy to really even follow the story.

I did like when Barney shouted Dibs after the girl said she had daddy issues.