Drinks won't be in me, because I won't be drinking.

Once & Again – Outside Hearts
Lily goes out of town for a book convention, and Judy takes care of the Manning kids. Grace likes a new boy, and goes to a party that Eli also attends. There is a lot of talk about not drinking and driving, and Eli tells his parents he won’t drink. But he does. And when some kid drinks too much, Eli is the one who calls the cops. Then, since he's been drinking, Eli does the responsible thing and calls his dad to come pick him up. But instead of cutting him some slack, Rick and Karen punish him. Meanwhile, Lily admits she’s upset that her kids like Judy more, and Judy admits that she likes being the “cool” aunt.

On this disc when you push “skip” right as the ending credits start, you see a little “next, on O&A” medley, which has not happened on the previous two discs. How strange.

Once & Again – Thanksgiving
Lily’s parents come into town for Thanksgiving and treat Jake as though he is the best thing since sliced bread, and then try to convince Lily to get back together with him. We learn that Lily has a schizophrenic brother that she never sees (though apparently Judy visits him all the time). Booooring!

Once & Again – When There Is Smoke
Rick takes Lily and her kids to dinner, at Grace’s objection, but to her surprise she actually likes him. Jake is still having money troubles, and he finally breaks down and opens up to Lily, crying and telling her she’s the best thing that ever happened to him. And they have sex. And Grace sees them. Meanwhile, Eli moves down to the basement of Karen’s house, thus asserting his independence, and Karen is unhappy about it.

Once & Again – The Gingerbread House
In this depressing Christmas ep, Lily is racked by guilt for sleeping with Jake, though Judy tells her in no uncertain terms never to tell Rick about it. Unfortunately, Rick can tell something is wrong. After the indiscretion, Jake and the girls think that he and Lily are getting back together. Lily finally does something right and tells Jake she wants a divorce. And she tells the kids there is no way they are getting back together. In the end, Lily's guilt forces her to tell Rick that she slept with Jake, and in the sad & snowy finale, in a Christmas tree lot, Lily tells Rick that she is in love with him. And he walks away. She calls his name, twice, but he keeps walking and doesn’t look back.

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