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My So-Called Life – Halloween
In a surreal twist, Angela finds herself witnessing the last days of an ill-fated Liberty High student from 1963. This is the first of two strange, otherworldly eps that don’t really fit into the overall story arc of MSCL.

Aha! This is why I associate Shelley Fabares with MSCL – “Johnny Angel” plays a large part in one scene. For this bizarre Halloween episode, Angela comes into possession of a book once owned by a Nicky Driscoll, a student who died on campus in the '60s. Rickie dresses up like Brian, Rayanne is a vampire, Sharon is a cat, and Angela is a girl from the '60s. And Danielle dresses up as Angela and says overly dramatic, world-weary, angst-ridden things all night, which is rad.

There is not much to say here. Basically this ep tries to draw a really far-out comparison between Jordan and Nicky. Jordan is on the brink of being kicked out of school for ditching class, and Angela tries to convince him that’s bad. Graham and Patty get last-minute costumes: a pirate and Rapunzel. The costumes get them all worked up, and they have wild sex. It’s super overdone, faux-dramatic, and awesome.

Angela, Brian, Rayanne, and Rickie meet to have a séance and get locked inside the school. Except Rickie, who is outside at the time and runs into Jordan, who is weary because his friends are vandalizing the school and he’s bored. And Jordan says this, which totally reminds me of how I felt in high school:

“It’s always the same. But you go because you think, you know, maybe something cool will happen. Because what if something did happen? And you missed it?”

Weren’t we all terrified of missing that one night when something really fun would happen? I know I’ve wiled away more boring nights than necessary based solely on the fear that the one time I didn’t go out, I’d miss something awesome. Thankfully in my old age I could care less.

In the end, Jordan comes to class and Angela feels like it’s all her doing. Remember what I said about the boy every girl thinks she can “save”? Textbook!

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