ANTM Cycle 10: Meat Edition

America’s Next Top Model – Where’s the Beef?
The models visit the meatpacking district and pose with racks of beef. Cycle 8 winner Jaslene judges a runway challenge and hurts one contestant’s feelings with some harsh criticism.

Tyra Banks looks insane in the credits this cycle. Once again Fatima is a bitch, muttering “stupid” under her breath when Amis talks.

The girls meet Jay at a fire station to learn how to runway walk. They have to “quick change” in 90 seconds, then walk in front of a bunch of firefighters, who look kind of embarrassed. They don’t actually show Jay teaching the girls anything, but I assume that part is on the cutting room floor. Jay is hard on Dominique, Fatima, Lauren, and Amis. Amis is always terrible. She’s gotta be sent home soon.

Aimee is uncomfortable being naked in front of other people so she gets upset when the girls want her to leave the bathroom door unlocked while she showers. Whitney stands up for her, and somehow Fatima turns it around so everyone gangs up on Whitney. God Fatima sucks. I am quickly growing to hate both her and Dominique, who calls Whitney “white trash” behind her back.

In their challenge, the girls have to quick-change all by themselves and participate in a Tuleh fashion show. An editor from Seventeen and Cycle 8 winner Jaslene are there to judge them. Whitney accidentally flashes the audience, Lauren's walk is stiff and terrible, Fatima’s shirt is buttoned wrong, and Amis is just plain awful. After the show, Jaslene asks Lauren if she really wants to be there. Lauren manages to wait until she’s in private, then cries. Katarzyna wins the challenge. She gets to pick two friends to be in a Seventeen photo shoot with her, and she picks Amis and Marvita.

For the photo shoot, the girls are taken to the meatpacking district, where they have to wear bikinis made of raw meat. Once again, Amis is terrible. Also, because she doesn’t take 2 hours to get ready, the girls think she is too casual about what she wears to panel. While I kind of hope Tyra says her outfit is cute just to shut the rest of them up, my guess is that Amis will be gone tonight.

In the judging room, the judges are hard on Stacy Ann, Aimee, Fatima, and Marvita. They are sweet on Whitney, Anya, and Lauren (though Jay belittles her runway walk). Tyra does rip Amis for her outfit.

For the third time in a row, Claire is voted Cover Girl of the Week by the fans. While the judges deliberate, Nigel says Whitney is the best in the competition. Go Whitney! But she’s the “plus-sized” model so she won’t win.

Anya wins even though Lauren’s photo is amazing, and Tyra tells Lauren if her runway walk had been better she would have been called first. Fatima and Amis are in the bottom two. As predicted, Amis is eliminated. That was too, too obvious. She is sweet, grateful, and good-natured in her exit interview.

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