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Reaper – Hungry for Fame
Sam tries to stop an untalented musician from selling his soul to the Devil to become a star. Meanwhile, Sock is shocked when his mom returns from a quickie marriage in Vegas. Rufusing to accept her new husband, he moves in with Sam.

To be honest I haven’t missed Reaper much, but it is nice to see Sock again. Funny how that single character makes the whole show for me. Reaper has moved to Supernatural’s place on Thursday nights; I’m wondering where it will move when SN comes back. I wouldn’t think moving it around so much would be a good idea.

Sock’s mom arrives home from Vegas married to an Asian cowboy. Sam is making out with Cady in his room when she finds the necklace he bought for Andi, and she thinks it’s a present for her. Sock arrives, distraught over his mom’s wedding, and moves in with Sam. At work, Andi is super casual. I can’t remember where we left these two but I can already tell their pointless hot-and-cold relationship is going to continue. Sam finds he has super strength and the Devil appears to send him after a soul who eats people’s brains. Andi meets Cady and sees her wearing the necklace. So naturally, she starts acting jealous. Sam admits the truth to Cady and she storms out. The relationship angst in this show is kind of pathetic. Later, Cady confronts Sam and he says he doesn’t have feelings for Andi anymore. Lies!

Jaime Kennedy plays Ryan, a terrible street musician to whom the Devil introduces himself, offering to make him a star. Concerned, Sam tries to stop Ryan from selling his soul for fame. However, when he goes to find Ryan he instead finds posters for a huge concert and realizes that the Devil has gotten to Ryan first. Sam tries to convince Ryan that this “record company executive” is really the Devil trying to steal his soul, and Ryan says, “I’ll worry about my soul when I’m dead.”

The boys find the escaped soul, Phillip, and it appears that Reaper is going to stick with the same stale, formulaic plot development. They visit Phillip’s mom and pretend that he was their camp counselor. The mom is adorable and sweet, refusing to believe that her son is a monster. As the boys wait for Phillip to show up at his mom’s, Sock sneaks inside and finds her dead, coming face to face with Phillip. When Phillip attacks Sock, Sam shoots him and sends him to hell.

During the commercial break, Sock and Sam are in a little bit about using CFL light bulbs, but they neglect to mention the whole mercury issue. Back to the show. Sam decides to release Phillip in front of Ryan to scare him, which seems like an ill-advised plan. Once free, Phillip bites Ryan’s hand off. That was both unexpected and awesome. Sam runs after Phillip, and shoots him again.

One weird thing about this show is that it always seems really, really long. Also, I feel like it has more commercial breaks than most shows.

Sock goes back home and apologizes to his mom. They make up, but then she tells him he’s an adult and he needs to move out. Cady goes to make amends with Andi, and ends up telling Andi that she once slashed someone’s tires. I can’t tell if she’s fucking with Andi or if she’s actually supposed to be crazy. Regardless, this actress plays crazy quite well. The Devil appears at the Work Bench, irritated that Sam took Ryan’s soul away from him, and trashes the entire store. That is one thing I really like about this show -- the Devil is all cutesy and buddy-buddy with Sam until Sam does something to piss him off, and then BAM!

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