ANTM Cycle 10: Vogue Edition

America’s Next Top Model – Top Model Takes It To The Streets
Supermodel Vendela gives the ladies tips on posing for catalog, commercial, and couture shoots to prepare them for a posing competition on the streets of New York City.

I can’t believe just a few short episodes ago I liked Dominique. Because now I hate her. So does Whitney. Claire describes Marvita as a “crazy hood rat” (not to her face). Whitney is proud of her curves (she’s the “plus-sized” model, remember). But ever since they dyed her hair blond during the makeover episode she keeps getting compared to Anna Nicole Smith, so she’s irritated.

Vendela and Benny Ninja teach the girls about posing in different situations (couture, commercial, and catalog). I don’t know who Benny Ninja is but the girls are thrilled.

Dominique blames Whitney for something stupid. Whitney tells Dominique she doesn’t respect her. Dominique tells Whitney she’s racist. Whitney’s reply? “My best friend is black!”

As much as I judge these bitches I hate to say – and anyone who knows me will agree – as an individual who has a horrible inability to control her facial expressions when dealing with people she dislikes, I would be absolutely hated if I were on this show. So I guess I’ve learned something from ANTM: keep quiet and control yourself!

The girls are split into two teams for a posing battle. The winning team gets to go to a swag tent. This seems like a weird prize. From the side interviews, it becomes apparent that nobody likes Dominique. Fatima describes Whitney as “the cheerleader in high school who sleeps with all the football players.”

The team of girls I like wins. Hooray! In the individual judging, Claire wins a trip to Bora Bora. The other girls are shocked that the prize is so big. Marvita starts to worry that she’ “too ghetto” for the competition.

During their photo shoot, the girls have to take close-up shots with paint splattered on them. Usually I try to make a list of who’s good and bad, but they all do pretty well. Woah, except Fatima and Marvita. They suck. Jay calls Marvita a “disaster.” She has clearly lost her confidence.

You can see armpit hair in Fatima’s photo, and the judges attack her when she says she doesn’t shave. Vendela doesn’t think Whitney is taking the competition seriously enough. They all agree that that in the judging room, Aimee looks like a “real girl” instead of a model. That’s bad.

Claire wins Cover Girl Model of the Week for the fourth time in a row. I didn’t watch the last two cycles of ANTM, but as far as I know no model has had a solid run through the entire show. Can she do it?

Paulina loves Lauren, yet still describes her as “lumbering like Young Frankenstein.” Stacy-Ann takes the best photo. The bottom two are Marvita and Whitney. Even though it’s clear that Marvita has given up, I still liked her. She’s really sweet to the other girls in her goodbye.

I will probably regret this, but currently my prediction is that it will come down to Lauren and Claire. Although Stacy-Ann has a lot of potential too. And snap! In the scenes from next week, the girls come down hard on Dominique for being a crazy bitch. Hallelujah!

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