I’m not into dudes, but I think I’m in love with Steve and Tony.

Reaper – Unseen
After being kicked out of the house, Sock persuades Sam and Ben to move with him to a condo where their new neighbors, a gay couple, spoil them with home-cooked meals. Meanwhile, Sam is suspicious about Cady.

Ok, I missed the beginning, but apparently Sam starts to think Cady is the spawn of Satan because she snores really loud and bowls an excellent game – and when her ball goes into the gutter it then pops back out and she gets a strike, so he gets really suspicious.

Ted’s back! Sock wants the boys to move in together, so he forges Sam & Ben’s names on a lease without telling them. The guys are reticent, but finally agree. Sam’s parents don’t think he’s ready to live on his own. Isn’t this guy like 22?

The escaped soul was a hermit who “made the Unabomber look like a social butterfly.” His old hunting grounds have been turned into a city park, and he’s killing people right and left. When Sam admits he hasn’t told Cady he’s moving, Andi is intrigued. I swear to god, if I have to hear her say, “Sam and I are just friends” one more time, I’m going to lose my mind. This show really needs to fucking move on.

This week’s vessel is a countertop food processor. In the Work Bench Sam kisses Cady and a pane of glass behind her starts to crack. When he stops, the cracks stop. When he kisses her again, the cracking starts again. This makes him more suspicious. It turns out the soul is invisible, and on the first attempt to capture him he nearly chokes Sam to death because Sock can’t figure out how to work the vessel. The devil gives Sam a pair of glasses that will allow him to see the true face of evil. Sam refuses them, saying he doesn’t need the devil’s help. Hasn’t Sam learned anything yet?

The boys meet their next-door neighbors, a gay couple with a seemingly perfect life. When the couple invites them in, Sock says, “No thanks, we’re straight.” Steve and Tony offer to cook them a home-cooked meal. Sam is inspired by their state-of-the-art security system, particularly the motion detectors.

In the end, Sam manages to capture the soul through his ingenuity, and the devil gives him the aforementioned glasses in congratulations. Sam asks the devil if Cady is his daughter, and the devil says no. Sam uses the glasses on Cady, and is surprised to see that nothing is wrong with her. Cady, fed up with Sam, says she needs space.

Because the CW posts photos of episodes that have not yet aired, I unfortunately already know what’s in store at the end of this episode. Steve and Tony are demons who shave down their horns with power sanders. Sam catches them doing so, though they don’t see him.

Fun side note: the closed captioning turns “crab dip” into “crap dip.” Twice.

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