How is "racist ghost" better than "crooked apartment?"

How I Met Your Mother – No Tomorrow

Ted decides to live like Barney on St. Patrick’s Day, which involves activities that would make a saint blush.

The above description, from TV Guide, is kind of misleading as nothing that bad happened in last night's ep. Ted tries to live like hedonistic Barney for a night and enjoys it until it he realizes that he's been a complete tool. Marshall and Lily discover that their new, expensive apartment has crooked floors, so they have to move back in with Ted while they get them fixed. Which certainly will be a long process. And Britney Spears guest stars next week, which makes me shudder. Ugh. However, the reappearance of HIMYM (plus a recent viewing of some Undeclared eps) has rekindled my love for Jason Segel. Also, Josh Radnor went to my college. I discovered this when I received an alumni bulletin not too long ago. Crazy!

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