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Lost – Ji Yeon
Juliet is forced to reveal startling news to Jin when Sun threatens to go to Locke’s camp. Sayid and Desmond begin to get an idea of the freighter crew’s mission when they meet the ship’s captain.

I was killing time before this episode, while re-watching last week’s less-than-stellar effort, by screwing around on ABC.com. They have a handy little tool with which you can get a nickname from Sawyer. You just answer a few questions about your particulars and it gives you a nickname. I’m “The Professor.” I think I like the name, only it seems like I’m ripping off one of those And 1 ballers. Screw that, I’m so white they named a wall paint after me. It’s called “So White You Can See Through It.” Speaking of Sawyer, we’d better get a heavy dose of Sawyer this week because I need me some sarcasm. If you want me to give you a nickname just leave your particulars in the comments and I’ll be happy to oblige.

On the freighter, the big bald guy asks Keanu Nolte (Frank) if he’s ready. Frank says that he’ll be up soon. Big guy says he’ll be there. He runs into Regina, who is Australian. She’s reading a book upside down. I couldn’t quite catch what it was. After the show I’ll check the boards. He meets Desmond and Sayid locked in the sickbay. Apparently Frank didn’t let the two of them out of the sickbay before. He gives them lima beans to eat. Thanks for the lima beans, Keanu Nolte. They actually seem like what a human-animal hybrid of Keanu Reeves and Nick Nolte would feed you. Sayid says he wants to talk to the captain and Keanu Nolte turns around and says, “No you don’t.”

On the island, Jin wants to talk about baby names. He’s convinced it’s going to be a girl. Sun doesn’t want to talk about it. She’s more concerned about getting off the island. Is it a flashback or flash forward? Sun is in a hotel. She looks a little woozy and … whoa. She calls 911 (or the Korean version) and says she needs an ambulance because she’s pregnant and something is wrong. Well, well, well, we have another of the Oceanic 6 on our hands. Do we have another flashback or flash forward? This time it’s Jin. He runs into a store and looks frantic. He needs a panda. Jin isn’t very particular he just wants any old panda. Looks like this is a flash forward, but I’m still not sure. Back on the island, Sun says Jack and Kate are back. She’s all kinds of pissed off at Juliet and talks trash about her. Kate makes a good point: iall the things Daniel and Charlotte have talked about, none of it involves rescue. I wouldn’t be too psyched about having those two around either.

On the boat, Desmond notices a note thrown underneath the door while he was sleeping. Sayid says, “It’s a note.” Good work genius. The note says, “Don’t trust the captain.” That’s the way to make a plan, guys. Back on the island, Sun introduces herself to Daniel and tells him she’s two months pregnant. She flat-out asks him if he’s there to rescue them. Daniel says it’s not really his call and obviously Sun wants to know who can make the call. Dan doesn’t answer and Sun says something snotty and walks off.

Jin and Jack have a nice little conversation in English. Yay! Jin has learned English in twenty days or so. He must be superhuman because after three years of Spanish in high school I can only count to ten and say, “I’m all good.” I also know how to say “my pork is good” but that isn’t really important. Sun tells Jin he needs to find food for two days and meet her at their tent in twenty minutes because they’re going to Locke’s camp. I don’t know who to trust more. Locke is a total badass but Jack hasn’t really led anyone wrong. Actually I’d probably do what Sun wants to do. If Daniel couldn’t say whether they were going to rescue anyone or not I would have headed straight for the barracks too. Juliet stumbles on Sun trying to find something. Sun tells her she wants prenatal vitamins and Juliet figures out that Sun wants to go somewhere. Sun spills that she’s going to Locke’s camp and Juliet tells her she can’t go because Locke doesn’t want to leave and she’ll get sick. Sun says screw that and heads for the barracks.

Flash forward. Sun is in the hospital and won’t take off her ring. They give her something for the pain. The doctor says the baby is in distress. This is intense. Sun says to get Jin. The doctor says he’s sure Jin will be here soon and Sun passes out. They flash to Jin and he has the oldest cell phone in the world. It looks old even for 2004. Someone knocks the phone out of Jin’s hand and it gets run over by a car. Jin hails a cab and puts the panda in the back seat, but then someone steals his cab and it drives off. WTF? Who steals a stuffed panda? Weird. Jin wants another panda and there is one behind the guy at the register. He throws down some serious change because he really wants that panda.

Back on the island Kate tells Sun and Jin how to get to the barracks. She says she’s going to tell Jack but she’ll give Sun a head start. Juliet storms in and says Sun can’t go. Juliet tells Jin that if he lets Sun go to the barracks his wife will be in danger. Juliet pleads with Sun, but she just walks off. In retaliation, Juliet tells Jin that Sun had an affair. What a bitch! Sun looks like she’s going to kill Juliet. She slaps her good and I think she deserves it. Jin gets this look on his face and walks off. He is really mad. I wonder if we’re going to go back to the angry, controlling Jin that Sun hates.

Sun runs over to Jin. He is very upset and doesn’t want to talk to her. He won’t even look at her. Sun apologizes but Jin is having none of it. Bernard asks to go fishing with Jin and then realizes he walked into the middle of something upsetting. Jin looks at him and tells him to come anyway. Bernard tells Jin that Rose has cancer and is dying. He says that Rose thinks the island healed her, that she didn’t want to go with Locke, and that staying with Jack was the right thing to do. Locke is a murderer and it is good karma to be with Jack. Good stuff happens when you’re with good people. Jin catches a fish and obviously they’re the good guys. If you could hear the sound I made with my mouth you would know how cheesy I thought this was.

On the boat Desmond is pacing. There is some sort of tapping sound. Sayid says he thinks someone is banging on the pipes. I wish I understood Morse code because I’d bet money that’s some sort of message. The doctor comes in and says the Captain would like to see them. Regina comes out of a doorway with a bunch of chains wrapped around her and jumps off the boat into the water. I just saw a black guy with a hoodie … was that Michael? Holy crap I wish I had TiVo right now! Captain Gault comes out and says that it’s over and to let it go. He supposes Desmond and Sayid have a few questions. He should have said that with more scorn in his tone.

Desmond and Sayid want to know why the Captain did nothing to help Regina. Gault says the crew is dealing with some sort of cabin fever and they have a saboteur. Gault says that Charles Widmore hired him and Desmond gets all wobbly eyed and says he knows Widmore. That’s Penny’s dad in case you forgot. Gault takes them into his quarters and pulls out the black box from Oceanic 815. The captain says he knows that the fake 815 crash site is a lie. He says some interesting things about how someone went to a lot of trouble to fake the death of 324 people, and that Ben is behind it and they want to catch him. I’m conflicted again. I don’t know who is out for what. Obviously Charlotte and Daniel didn’t release poison gas on the island but they aren’t there to rescue anyone, and they seem to understand that survivors of 815 might be on the island.

Back on the island, Juliet apologizes to Sun. She says she had to stop Jin and Sun from leaving in any way that she could because their best chance at survival is staying on the beach. She describes what happens to pregnant women on the island. She’s really pulling at Sun’s heartstrings to get her to stay.

Flash forward. The doctor says he must perform a c-section on Sun because the pain medicine is making it too difficult for her to have the baby naturally. Sun starts pushing and the baby starts coming out. Obviously this was not expected. She really squeezed that little baby out. If this scene doesn’t convince women not to have babies, nothing will. Jin and Sun have a baby daughter…YAY! My black heart finally feels something.

On the boat Sayid and Desmond are led to the room where they will be staying. There is blood on the wall from brain splatter and there are mice in the room. The doctor calls over a cleaning guy to clean up the blood and holy scneikes I was right. It is Michael! His name is Kevin now. Desmond and Sayid play it off like they’ve never met and they just shake hands but give him that knowing look. It’s almost like the intense look John Black does on Days of Our Lives. I hope Sayid tortures information out of Michael.

On the island Sun is making her bed. Jin brings her dinner. How sweet, he’s going to forgive her. Sun tries to explain why she cheated on him but Jin doesn’t let her. Jin says he understands she did it because of the man he was then. Jin forgives her. Awww. Sun is soooo happy. Jin says he will go to Locke’s camp if Sun wants, but she has changed her mind. She will do anything to try and get off the island now. Jin just wants to know if the baby is his. Sun tells him yes. They’re so happy and I just want to squeeze both of them! People could learn a lot from these two.

Jin goes into the hospital and the security guy won’t let him in, but tells him it’s a boy. He’s a messenger from Sun’s dad and he has a gift for the Chinese ambassador. He presents the panda to the ambassador and it’s not Sun who just had the baby. It’s a flashback. Damn it, those tricky bastards! Flash forward. Sun pulls her wedding ring out of a plastic baggie and puts it on. Hurley shows up at her door. He is dressed nicely and Sun wants him to hold the baby. Apparently she looks just like Jin. Oh no … Hurley and Sun go to see Jin’s headstone in a graveyard. This is unspeakably sad. Sun tells Jin’s grave that she named their daughter Ji Yeon just like he wanted.

• First thing is easy since it’s fresh in my mind. The date on Jin’s grave was 9/22/04, which is the same day of the plane crash. Either that’s a fake grave, Jin died trying to get Sun off of the island, or he’s alive but still on the island. It seems like Sun would be less upset if he was alive, but maybe the Oceanic 6 were told they can never go back or see anyone on the island again.
• Why was Hurley ok with no one else coming to see the baby? Also, I think this flash forward happens before he commits himself to the sanitarium.
• I did some looking and the book that Regina had upside down was The Survivors of the Chancellor by Jules Verne. It’s a novel about a shipwrecked boat. It seems to have some vague similarities with Flight 815.
• Regina and Minkowski are the only two people to talk to anyone on the island via satellite phone. Now they’re both dead. I wonder if that’s just coincidence?
• Next episode is called “Meet Kevin Johnson” and hopefully they clarify where Walt is. I can’t think of any reason Michael would just leave Walt somewhere after he fought so hard to keep him.
• Who is the good guy? Either Charles Widmore or Ben Linus faked the plane crash. Widmore certainly has the money to make something like that happen, and he seemed to know the island existed before the crash. Ben Linus has an interest as well, but I’m still not sure what kind of means he has beyond the island.
• So Hurley, Jack, Kate, Sayid, and Sun got off the island. Does Aaron count? That would close up the mystery of who the Oceanic 6 are, but I’m not convinced Aaron was one of the people who got off the island.
• Who will die next week? It could be Claire, Bernard, Sawyer, or someone else.
• Where did Frank go on the helicopter?
• For two episodes now Miles has been stuck in the boathouse with a grenade in his mouth. I might freak out if I don’t find out what happens there.

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