Gossip Girl: Desperately Seeking Serena

Gossip Girl – Desperately Seeking Serena
As panic sets in for the juniors preparing to take their SATs, Serena has the added stress of dealing with the return of Georgina Sparks, someone from her bad-girl past. Meanwhile, Jenny decides to get a boyfriend, thinking this will elevate her social status.

The biggest news from this SAT-themed episode is the budding romance between Nate and Vanessa. I was never a fan of the Dan/Vanessa romance. They were both too nerdy and it just seemed too easy. I am loving the Nate/Vanessa love connection! One of the best moments was when Nate took Vanessa on a surprise morning date to the SAT test site. Budding filmmaker Vanessa felt that she didn't need college and therefore decided to not take the test. Nate encouraged her to consider her options and take the test anyway. He even gave her some fresh pencils for the test. Awwwww…

This mysterious Georgina character is back in Serena's life. She is apparently a manipulative drunk who is total bad news. She has some huge dirt on Serena and her reappearance in Serena's life causes a rift in her relationship with Dan. Instead of confiding in him she turns to her creepy new brother Chuck. Trouble is definitely brewing in Dan/Serena land.

Jenny decides to get a boyfriend to help her standing with the richies. So of course she needs to find a rich boyfriend. When scouting the streets for her new beau she bumps into a cute dude walking dogs. This guy doesn't meet her standards since she is looking for a “king, not a court jester.” He gives her his number anyway and when Jenny sees him later getting out of a fancy car she decides that it could work out.

She is grounded due to last week’s dress theft scandal, therefore Rufus won’t let her make a date with dog boy (a.k.a. Asher). Never being one to follow the rules, Jenny makes a lunch date anyway and when Rufus finds out he gets hella pissed and makes her cancel. Asher ends up bringing hot dogs over to the Brooklyn loft to surprise her.

The episode leaves us with Georgina running into Dan in Central Park (meeting him for the first time). She gives him a fake name. That girl is up to no good! We also learn that next week, we are going to find out the secret Georgina is holding over Serena, and someone will be dropping the “gay bomb.” I'm not sure who is going to come out of the closet. I would like to think it is Chuck since he was wearing the most fabulous red trench coat all episode, but my bet is on Serena's brother Eric.

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jenny and nate nre a way better couple