Hey, hi, how are you, I brought you a juice box.

Reaper – Coming to Grips
Andi sees Sam behead a demon and thinks he’s killed someone, so Sam makes a deal with the devil. Meanwhile, Ben gets married under unusual circumstances, and Tony reappears in his true demon form. This episode was chock-full of guest stars, and packed a ton of plot into less than an hour.

Something sinister flies through Seattle. In Sam’s apartment, he tells Andi over the phone that their date is on schedule. Moments later, in full demon form, Tony attacks Sam, asking why he betrayed them. Sam says the devil tricked him. Tony apologizes, and then helps Sam cook for Andi. This show is becoming very Buffy-esque, especially when Demon Tony says that Bon Appetit magazine is the only thing that keeps him sane. Tony plans to rebuild his army and conquer the devil. Right then Andi shows up and overhears part of their conversation, but when she walks in Tony vanishes.

Sock and Josie are back together. Uck. Ben is sad that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. But he has a list of what he wants in the perfect girl, and he’s aiming way too high.

This week’s soul, Jack, works at a sperm bank and uses his own sperm to impregnate all the women. It’s Javier from Felicity (Ian Gomez)! Since last week the souls are suddenly mingling with the living, which I don’t really get. This week’s vessel is a scythe. Andi sees Sock and Sam playing with it, and then becomes curious when Sam cancels their lunch date. She follows him and sees him chop off Jack’s head.

Again, Reaper departs from the same old formula. But the more I read, the more I am certain it’s too little, too late. After the commercial break, a headless Jack stands up and starts swinging at the boys. Sam stabs him with the scythe, which takes him back to hell. But Jack’s hand remains behind, and apparently this soul can regenerate. Lucy Davis (Dawn on The Office UK), plays Sara, an employee of the Work Bench. It seems that she likes Ben, and she tells him his standards are not too high and he should keep looking for the perfect girl. She points out that she has none of the qualities on the list, and Ben gives his best puppy-dog look. Perhaps he just might like her back regardless!

Andi punches Sam in the face the next time she sees him, and threatens to call the cops. He begs her to give him 24 hours to explain. Sam puts a note for the devil on the vessel and Gladys kind of makes fun of him for it. Sam tells the devil about the Andi situation, and the devil yells at him for being sloppy. Sam says he can make Andi keep his secret, and the devil says ok but that one day he’ll need a favor. A big, terrible favor. Because he’s an idiot, Sam makes a deal with the devil. Hasn’t this kid learned anything yet?

The next morning, Sara walks out of Ben’s room while the boys are eating breakfast. Ben tells Sock & Sam that he married her because she needed a green card. Later, Sam tells Andi that he’s a bounty hunter for the devil. Naturally, she walks out on him. Not shockingly, the devil knew full well that Andi wouldn’t believe Sam, and suddenly he gets all scary-quiet-angry and says he will take care of Andi if Sam doesn’t.

Sam is desperate to track Andi down but she won’t answer her phone. Sock and Ben tell him to relax because they have kidnapped her and locked her in the trunk of his car. Sam gets into the car and folds down the backseat armrest to talk to Andi, and she attacks him through the little hole. I like Andi more in this episode than ever before. She’s kind of awesome.

Sam decides to “scare” the truth into Andi and takes her to see Tony. The boys wrestle her into the cabin, where she almost rips off Sock’s nipple, and then Tony turns full-on demon right in front of her. Not surprisingly, Andi runs from the cabin. Ben asks if Sock left the keys in the car and, as Andi peels out of the driveway, Sock responds, “It’s possible.”

Tony drops the boys off at home. Sam is frustrated that every time he gets close to Andi, something happens. Tony gives him a big speech about how love is worth any sacrifice. I kept expecting something terrible to rush up and kill Tony during this speech, but nothing happened.

The next day, no one can find Andi. The boys go to the hospital to trap the soul, and the devil appears. He has locked Andi in Sam’s trunk again and says that Sam has one more chance to get it right. When Sam lets Andi out, she finally says she believes him and swears not to tell anyone. But this is more than she can handle, and she starts to walk away. He yells that he loves her. In tears, she turns back and says she’s afraid of him.

Dualla from Battlestar Galactica (Kandyse McClure) plays Cassidy, a nurse at the hospital. And Ben realizes that she has all of the qualities on his list. I was not expecting that; I thought Ben would realize he liked the imperfect Sara. When Sock & Sam corner Jack, he cuts off his hand and lets it escape. Sock goes after the hand while Sam stays with Jack, who turns the tables on him. Fortunately Andi chooses that moment to walk into the room, and after a struggle the scythe ends up in her hands. Jack goes to attack her and runs straight into the scythe, getting sucked into it before her eyes. With not even enough time to comfort her, Sam is forced to leave a stunned Andi behind so that he can track down the other Jack.

Ben tells Sara he met the girl of his dreams. But it’s obvious that Sara has loved Ben all along, and she says he can’t date anyone because they’re married. Andi and Sam make up, and everyone is happy. But in the end, the devil steals Sam away to Tony’s cabin, and it turns out the favor he wants is for Sam to infiltrate Tony’s new circle of insurrective demons.

Naturally just as I start to really enjoy this show it’s going to get canceled.
Great quotes were not just from Sock this week!

Sam, talking soothingly to a locked-in-the-trunk Andi:
“Hey, hi, how are you, I brought you a juice box.”

Tony, just before he reveals his true form to Andi:
“Please don’t pee on the carpet, I just put it down.”

Sam, upon learning Sock and Ben have kidnapped Andi:
“This isn’t solving the problem, this is adding a felony on top of the problem!”

After a naked Jack lands on Sock's back, with Ben standing nearby:
Sock: “That was horrible.”
Ben: “It looked horrible.”
Sock: “Did it leave a mark?”

And my favorite, when Sam berates Sock and Ben for not helping him explain the truth to Andi:
Sam: “Where the hell were you guys, I was dying over there.”
Sock: “I had to wait for the chili cheese fries.”
Ben: “My wife called.”

During this episode I saw yet another Veronica Mars alumni in a bad commercial. First Wallace sold Hot Pockets, now Hannah is selling KFC.

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