ANTM Cycle 10: Only One Can Win Edition

America’s Next Top Model – And the Winner Is…
As the 10th season concludes, the three remaining models shoot a cosmetics commercial and pose for a print ad. The judges then send one lady packing, and the final two contestants take part in a runway challenge to determine the winner.

The girls do a Cover Girl TV commercial and print ad for Lash Blast mascara. The print ad will run nationally including a billboard in Times Square. The pressure finally gets to Anya, and breaks down in tears right in the middle of getting her hair & makeup done.

During the commercial:
Fatima is first. She memorized the lines well but she speaks monotone, running all the lines together. Jay says she is robotic and seems inhuman.

Whitney is second. She is determined. She forgets her lines. But she takes pauses at the right times, has great energy, and smiles a lot.

Anya is incredibly nervous. She cannot get through a single take, but she has great energy and an innocence that displays well on camera. She looks amazing.

During the photo shoot:
Fatima doesn’t give a lot of variety.
Whitney is great.
Anya models from her toes up.

During panel:
Fatima’s commercial is not good. Nigel says it’s more like a toothpaste ad. Her photo is stunning but not perfect. She’s looking up too high, "as if she saw God.” She doesn’t smile with her eyes.

Whitney is directable, but her commercial reminded Paulina of the Miss America competition. Her photo is stellar.

Anya’s commercial, taken all together, was a train wreck. However, she did the best because it was totally her. Unfortunately, her photo has no personality. Paulina says she looks stupid.

In private deliberation:
Fatima makes a wonderful print model but lacks confidence.
Whitney’s photo is her first flash of brilliance, but her size is a problem.
Anya did not do her best, which at this point is a problem. She can do better.

Fatima is booted off.

Whitney and Anya both do a Seventeen cover shoot with Nigel, and both do really well. Their final challenge is to participate in Versace runway show. It’s kind of anticlimactic -- certainly no “crazed gothic bride” show like CarriDee and Melrose had to do in Cycle 7. Whitney is a bit too bouncy and Anya’s face is blank except when she looks like she’s going to fall down.

During the final judging:
Anya didn’t bring it as strong as she should have, but she was stunning.
Whitney hit it, bam! It was a little too much was it was great.

During private deliberation:
Whitney was amazing. She has presence. Miss J says her “juicy booty did a damn good job.”
Anya didn’t have any fire. She fell apart.


Whitney wins! And already people are asking, “Do she think she won because she’s plus-sized?”

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