The real crime, I think, was the beard.

The Office – Goodbye, Toby
In the S4 finale, Toby prepares to bid adieu to Dunder Mifflin (much to Michael’s delight), so the desk jockeys throw a party in his honor. Meanwhile, Toby’s replacement arrives only to become the victim of hazing.

As we open, Michael is thrilled that Toby is leaving. He wants to throw a going away party, but wants it to be fantastic and overdone. So, Phyllis takes over and naturally head party planner Angela is insanely jealous.

Meanwhile, Toby trains his replacement, Holly. Michael wants to haze her, so Dwight tells her that Kevin is mentally challenged. Holly then speaks to Kevin as one might speak to a very stupid child, which Kevin interprets as romantic interest.

Michael decides he’s in love with Holly, who actually seems to return his attraction, and Jim manages to convince him to take it slow. Pam gets accepted to a summer design school program … in New York. Jim decides that he will propose to her that night, and asks Phyllis to have fireworks at the going away party. Courtesy of a video on YouTube, the entire office sees Ryan get arrested for fraud. However, Oscar points out, “the real crime is the beard.”

The party is fantastic and Michael even sings a goodbye song for Toby. He and Holly are getting along famously when suddenly … Kevin calls, asking Michael to meet him at the grocery store. When Michael arrives, he finds Kevin standing with a pregnant Jan. Pretty much everyone saw this coming, so it is not a shock. What is surprising is that the baby is not Michael’s (or Hunter’s). Jan went to a sperm bank. But she does ask for Michael’s help, and he agrees to think about it.

Back at the party, the fireworks start and Jim slips the engagement ring out of his pocket. He’s just about to speak when … Andy grabs the microphone and proposes to Angela. Her reply? A monotone “okay.” There is no way I believe that Angela would accept this proposal. I know the writers needed something to stop the Jim-Pam engagement, and I love them for doing so, but this falls extremely flat.

Jim puts the ring back in his pocket, and in a side interview Pam is disappointed because she “really thought he was going to propose.” Michael is so desperate to have a family that he calls Jan to say he’ll help her with the baby. And … woah! Phyllis walks into the office to find Dwight and Angela having sex on a desk.

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