Gossip Girl - All About My Brother

Gossip Girl – All About My Brother
Georgina threatens to disclose damaging details about Serena’s past, while Blair and Jenny spread rumors about each other through Gossip Girl. Meanwhile, Dan has information about Asher that Jenny ignores, and Rufus turns to Lily for parenting advice.

This week's titular reference to Pedro Almodovar's All About My Mother leads me to believe that I have missed possibly the best Gossip Girl episode to date. What did I miss? I am relying on you, dear readers, to fill me on the juicy deets!


Boots said...

obvs i don't know what happened, but WTF is blair wearing? she looks like a little doll.

alligator said...

Blair always looks like a doll. More American Girl than Barbie though.

dangerbunny said...

Gosh, I hate to spill the beans, cuz this was, hands down, the best GG episode to date! Where to start...Let's start with Serena's brilliant idea for Dan to get to know Jenny's new bf. Dan goes to chat with Asher, but finds him tugging ties and locking lips with an unknown boy. Jenny is oblivious to both Dan and Erik's warning (Jenny: "Oh, you have a crush on me, how sweet.") Jenny drives me mad pretty much this whole episode, but redeems herself at the end when she goes to tell Blair that she is done trying to fit in with the rich crowd. "You win," she tells Blair, to which Blair replies, "I tried to warn you." Earlier in the evening Blair had revealed Asher's, and yes, Erik's secret, too. Erik actually came out to everyone while Asher stood there denying it, prompting Jenny to lie again (she already lied about "swiping her V-card) about his whereabouts earlier in the day, (boy do they pack it in). Meanwhile Rufus is getting parental advice from Lily and Georigina continues to haunt Serena -- this episode she plays the sweet, sweet Sarah -- A flim student just relocated from Portland. She is practically already Vanessa and Dan's new BFF. And of course, in a typical cliff-hanger fashion, Serena finally admits to Blair what she just couldn't tell anyone EVER -- no, it wasn't the underage porn video like I thought it would be (although that surfaces in this episode, too). Serena, apparently, is a murderer.
The only thing this episode was lacking -- Nate. C'mon, throw a girl a bone, won't you?