I gave up my soul for one night of over-the-clothes heavy petting.

Reaper – Greg, Schmeg
Andi’s ex-boyfriend Greg reappears on the scene and asks her out. When she not only says yes but ends things with Sam as well, Sam learns that Greg has sold his soul to the Devil in order to woo back the love of his life.

Sam takes Andi on a hot date in Sock’s Cadillac so they can have sex, but she’s more interested in talking about the souls he’s captured. While making out, they get attacked by a maniac with a chainsaw. The next day, standing in front of Sock’s destroyed Caddy, all Sam can say is, “I’m so sorry man; I should have taken my own car.”

Sara and Ben are still married, but Ben sleeps on a yoga mat in the kitchen. He is not psyched. Sock and Sam take a repair estimate for the car to Gladys. They check the mug shots of hell’s most wanted, which include Abraham Lincoln. Gladys tells them it was probably just a random act of violence by a sick human being.

Meanwhile, Andi’s ex-boyfriend Greg shows up. Ben realizes the chainsaw killer (we’ll call him CK) is from a series of horror movies. He goes to the hospital to see Cassidy, who is irritated that it’s their fifth date and he won’t take her out in public. He forgets he’s wearing his wedding ring, and when she sees it she’s all, “WTF?!?” Charming Ben explains that it’s a green card marriage.

The devil whisks Sam away and gives him a giant hunting knife that he “might need sometime.” He takes Sam into a house, where they see Andi and Greg making out. Then he vanishes, leaving Sam standing there. Holding a giant hunting knife. Andi says she doesn’t know what happened, or how she got there. Sam takes her home, and Greg stares menacingly down at them from the window.

Sam is convinced that the devil is messing with him. Sock and Ben are convinced that Sam has somehow driven Andi into Greg’s arms. At a Work Bench staff meeting, Sara announces that she’s pregnant. Ben is furious, seeing as they haven’t had sex. My earlier guess that Sara is secretly in love with Ben is quite wrong. She already has a boyfriend named Esteban, who has commitment issues and is already married. Regardless, Ben is not allowed to date Cassidy, because when he made a commitment to Sara, he made a commitment to the baby. Yikes. Recently I read this on TVSquad: “I sometimes think the writers try and figure out what would be the typical TV plot line and then head in the exact opposite direction.” I agree wholeheartedly. The Ben-Sara-Cassidy storyline is going exactly the opposite of how I expected.

Greg shows up again and it becomes clear he is using mind control on Andi. The boys are attacked by CK. They are positive it’s a soul, though the devil claims he doesn’t know anything about it. The devil whisks Sam away again, and through a rifle sight shows him Andi & Greg kissing. He admits that he has bought Greg’s soul in exchange for the power to convince Andi to take Greg back. If Sam kills Greg, he breaks the spell and the devil gets the soul. It’s a win-win.

The devil also says something quite interesting, which clearly won’t amount to anything because this show is totally getting canceled, but here it is: “There’s always a catch when you make a deal with me. Things aren’t what they seem.”

At work the next day Andi dumps Sam, who tells her the truth about Greg. Under Greg’s spell, she doesn’t (can’t) listen. Sock and Sam return to Gladys, who says she has no record of a chainsaw-wielding soul. Gladys takes the boys to a portal to hell in exchange for cat-sitting. Dennis, the property manager, finds a vessel for them. Sock asks if he has anything to repel Greg, and Dennis says what they are telling him is impossible. The devil has no dominion over the human heart. The vessel is a super soaker that will send anything to hell – a soul, a human, the Space Needle…

Ben goes to see Cassidy again, tells her about the baby, and says he can’t see her anymore. Sam decides that if he can remind Andi that she loves him, he can’t lose. Sock points out that Andi might not actually love Sam. Sam finds her, and asks if she loves him. She says she thinks she does. Right then, Greg calls and gets Andi under his thumb again. CK suddenly appears to attack them, and the vessel doesn’t work. CK skips Sam and goes straight for Andi. She gets away, and Sam runs into the devil, who whisks him off to the bar.

Turns out CK is Greg’s id, who has manifested as the killer from Greg’s favorite slasher film. Again, the devil tells Sam he needs to kill Greg. It’s the only way to save himself, and Andi. So, the boys go to hunt Greg, taking a shotgun and plastic to wrap the body in. Goodness gracious.

Unfortunately the ammo Ben bought doesn’t fit the gun. The boys are coming to the realization that they can’t kill a person when Greg appears. They sit down to chat and Greg realizes he made a mistake by giving his soul away for nothing. Greg gets really angry, and CK pops out of his torso. The boys can’t calm Greg down, so Sock knocks him out and CK vanishes.

When Greg comes to, Sam is waiting at his hospital bedside. They have a heart to heart. Ben brings Cassidy to the Work Bench, introduces her to Sara, and lays down the law. Sara agrees that he can see Cassidy, but then pretends that they’re having a threesome so as not to cast doubt on the marriage. In the end, the devil and Sam have one of their deep talks. The devil is proud of himself for causing so much trouble, but then Sam uses his get out of jail free card to save Greg’s soul. He says he’ll take his chances.

The one problem with this ep was that the “mystery” was ruined by the promos. I don’t understand why the marketing department created that commercial if the identity of the chainsaw killer was supposed to be a surprise. Regardless, it was full of goodness as usual…

Ben, after catching the kiss Sara blows to him:
“Does anyone want this?”

Ben: “Women like to give nonverbal cues...”
Sock: “... i.e. making out with another dude.”

Sock: “I’m a little relieved Sara’s bun didn’t come out of my oven.”

Sam: “The chainsaw dude is a soul and he’s trying to kill me.”
Devil: “Seriously? Weird.”

Sam, to an unhelpful Gladys:
“I’m gonna bust in here with my own chainsaw and see how you like it!”

Sock, when Gladys asks them to cat-sit:
“By cat do you mean cat, or do you mean some kind of dragon?”

Greg, realizing his mistake:
“I gave up my soul for one night of over-the-clothes heavy petting.”

Ted offering to help Ben, Sara & Cassidy turn their triangle into a square, then walking into a sign.

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