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Supernatural – No Rest for the Wicked
In the third-season finale, Sam summons Ruby for help as time runs out for Dean. The brothers, against Ruby’s advice, steal her knife and, with Bobby’s help, prepare to face off against Lilith and her minions.

Mmmm. I love that every season finale begins with “Carry On Wayward Son.” It’s just perfect.

Dean is running through the forest, terrified. He is cornered by a hellhound, who attacks him. And then he wakes up. With 30 hours to go, Bobby has a way to find Lilith. Instead, Dean wants to make a run for Tijuana and see a donkey show. He doesn’t want to rush in half-cocked. Sam wants to summon Ruby, but Dean says no, she is “the Miss Universe of lying skanks.”

Unconcerned, Sam summons Ruby anyway. Of course he does. As much as these brothers love each other, they absolutely don’t listen to each other. Ruby admits she knew Lilith held Dean’s contract, but that the boys weren’t ready before. Sam threatens her, and she is surprised to see how much he has changed. She actually does know how to save Dean – Sam can do it if he uses his dormant abilities. Lilith is afraid of him, because he can destroy her without moving a muscle.

Dean, who knew Sam would defy him, suddenly he pops up and warns Sam that this is all a trick; Ruby just wants him to give in to his demonic side. Sick of proving herself, Ruby says, “This is how you save yourself, you dumb spineless dick.” And then the two of them get into a fistfight. While they beat the hell out of each other, Dean manages to steal the demon-killing knife AND trick Ruby into a devil’s trap. She is pissed.

The boys load up the heavy weaponry. Sam wants to save Dean. Dean wants to save Sam. Dean says he is tired of making the same mistakes over and over; they all keep trading their lives for each other. Dean admits that Sam is his weak spot, and he is Sam’s. The demons are using that against them, and he wants to stop being a martyr. They’ll go after Lilith their way, they way John taught them, and if they lose, that’s that.

Lilith is getting some R&R in Indiana, which apparently means she’s torturing a family by taking over their child and making her do awful things like kill the family pet. The boys are all set to leave but Bobby has nicked some part of the Impala, so it won’t start. He gives them a little speech about family. Bobby totally loves the Winchester boys like they are his own children. During the trip, Sam tries to say a heartfelt goodbye, but Dean is having none of it. Instead he turns on the radio, and the brothers sing Bon Jovi’s “Dead or Alive” in lieu of saying goodbye.

Suddenly, they get pulled over. Without warning Dean kills the cop, who turns out to be a demon. He could see its real face under its human skin. Bobby says with 5 hours to go, Dean is piercing the veil to hell. This will help them on their way to find Lilith. Dean’s response? “I’m glad my doomed soul’s good for something. This is a terrific plan, and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

The team finds Lilith. Dean is still caught up in his own martyr crap, but Sam tells him that this isn’t about saving him. It’s about saving everybody. The brothers fight their way through a couple of demons while Bobby makes holy water. Sam looks totally crazed. Ruby suddenly appears and attacks Dean, but before they can get into it a bunch of demons appear. So much for the element of surprise. But then, the sprinklers come on and start shooting out holy water. Hooray Bobby!

They get into the house Lilith is hiding in, and Sam and Ruby go upstairs to find her. Sam finds the little girl asleep at her terrified mother’s side. The mom tells Sam to kill her – in fact she says it like four or five times – but Sam can’t do it. Looks like Sam isn’t quite as strong as he needs to be, yet, but this turns out to be ok, because when Dean arrives he can see that Lilith is no longer in the little girl’s body.

With no other options left, Sam is all set to unleash his demonic capabilities in an effort to save Dean. Dean says no, and Ruby says they’ve missed their chance. Dean makes an impassioned speech: he has to go to hell. This is all his fault. Sam needs to keep fighting; needs to remember what John and Dean have taught him. The clock strikes midnight, and the hellhounds come.

The team lines the doors and windows in an attempt to keep the hellhounds at bay. I would call this “reneging” on the contract and I am kind of expecting Sam to drop dead. Which would have also been a good ending, but is not what happens. Ruby offers to go outside and fight the hounds off, but right then Dean realizes that she’s not really Ruby. She’s Lilith!

Rubith lets the hellhounds in and they rip Dean to shreds. Sam screams and cries, but Lilith is unswayed. Somehow (I wasn’t quite clear on this part) Sam gets the upper hand and stabs her, but the demon escapes in a cloud of black smoke. Ruby’s body falls to the floor next to a bloodied, lifeless Dean, and Sam bursts into tears. The camera focuses in on Dean’s dead eyes, and we go inside to see Dean chained up in hell. He starts screaming out for his little brother and … the end.

Yep, Supernatural just gets better and better. This episode went exactly the way you expected (unless you were one of those fools who thought Dean would get out of his contract), and it was fantastic. How long will Dean remain in hell? How will he escape? I would like to think that the writers are done with the soul-swapping, so what else can they do? Will Bobby somehow become embroiled in the Winchester martyrdom? We never saw him again after the holy-water-sprinkler trick. Was he left outside to fight the army of demons? Rubith said she sent Ruby “far, far away.” Is Ruby gone for good? And how on earth did she get out of the devil’s trap in the first place? Will Sam become the ultimate bad ass? Will Dean come back from hell a shell of his former self? I’m getting all worked up just thinking about it!

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