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Supernatural – Long Distance Call
Dean gets a mysterious phone call that appears to be from his dad, explaining how to get out of the deal, and he decides to follow the advice despite the fact that Sam doesn’t believe it was really John on the line.

It’s a dark and gloomy night. A man named Ben is drinking Scotch. He seems tortured. He gets a phone call from Linda, with whom he is apparently having an affair. He says she can’t keep calling, and hangs up. The phone rings again. She says she won’t sop calling; he says he loves her and he’s sorry, and hangs up. The phone rings again. He rips it out of the wall. The phone … rings again. So he says “Ok, you win, I’m coming” and shoots himself in the head. How I love this show.

Bobby calls the boys about the case of the mysterious phone calls. But the boys are already on a case – Dean’s case, trying to break his deal. Dean, who is becoming increasingly frustrated, finally admits to Sam that Ruby doesn’t know how to save him. Sam is sad, but is also pissed that Dean didn’t tell him. Ahhh, brotherly strife.

The boys go to Milan, Ohio. The dead man’s phone has caller ID, and Sam sees that a call came in at the time of death. Ben’s wife says that she once heard him on the phone with a woman named Linda, but when she picked up the other line there was nobody there. He was talking to no one. The boys discover that Linda was Ben’s high school sweetheart, killed by a drunk driver. The phone number is a century old. They boys visit the phone company and meet Stewie, who spends his days looking at porn while flies buzz around him. He traces the number, and finds that it is responsible for calls to 10 different houses in the past month.

The brothers split up to check on the people who have received calls. Sam meets Laine, who acts shifty and doesn’t believe that he works for the phone company. He calms her down, and she admits that she’s been talking to her dead mom. Sam calls Dean, who has also learned that “stiffs are calling freshes.” They hang up, and suddenly Dean gets a call from his dad.

Sam is way skeptical about the call from John, and cannot figure about why anything supernatural is gong on in the town. Dean, however, has found that Milan is home to a museum that houses Thomas Edison’s “spirit phone.” Sam doesn’t think the spirit phone has anything to do with anything. John calls again. In a heartbreaking conversation, he asks how Dean could sell his soul, and Dean replies, “I was looking after Sammy like you asked me too.” John tells Dean this wasn’t what he wanted, and that he loves him. John claims to know a way to save them both. I had forgotten that Sam will drop dead again if Dean backs out of the deal.

Considering the case that these boys are working, I find it hard to believe that Dean doesn’t think his dad calling him is related. Anyway, Laine gets an IM from her mom asking her to kill herself so they can see each other again. Creepy!

Dean becomes obsessed with the idea that the demon with the contract to his soul is in town. Sam tries to talk sense into him; neither he nor Bobby think the exorcism John “rattled off” will work. He asks why Dean still has such blind faith, and Dean retorts, “Maybe blind faith is all I got!” Sam wants to check on Laine again, and Dean is angry that Sam isn’t more interested in saving his life. Sam asks Dean not to go anywhere until he gets back.

Sam goes to see Lanie, who is totally freaked. While they’re talking, her little brother Simon gets a call from Mommy. When Laine tells Sam her mom said “Come to me,” Sam realizes what’s going on. Meanwhile, John calls again so Dean breaks his promise to Sam and goes to a house. Laine sees that Simon is gone; Dean enters the house. Simon walks into traffic; Dean spray paints stuff on walls. Sam saves Simon, then calls Dean to tell him they’re hunting a crocatta. Dean says, “They live in filth. It’s the flies at the phone company.” But when Sam arrives at the phone company, Dean isn’t there. It’s all a trick.

Sam attacks Stewie, but then another guy we saw for like 3 seconds when the boys visited the phone company pops out and hits Sam and Stewie over the head. When Sam and Stewie come to, and they’re tied to chairs. Clark stabs Stewie, then eats his soul. Sam realizes he didn’t actually call Dean; the crocatta intercepted the call.

Meanwhile, a policeman gets a call from his dead child. She says she knows who killed her, and he’s at the house right now. The policeman arrives at the house and tries to shoot Dean, but Dean lures him in a devils trap. Since this guy is not a demon, it doesn’t work. At the phone company, Sam manages to untie himself and attacks Clark. At the house, Dean fights off the cop. I could count on one hand the number of times we’ve seen the boys separated during a showdown, but it did illustrate that Sam might be ok once Dean dies. He is becoming stronger.

Reunited at last, Sam and Dean are thrilled to see each other in the usual way: stoically. Dean admits that he’s really scared, but immediately starts joking around. It’s the Winchester way.

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